And Canada Is the "Mostly

And Canada Is the “Mostly OK Dominion”
Michael Novak has a great column in OpinionJournal today. I just wish he’d published it on Reagan’s birthday yesterday, because of this passage:


Some years afterwards, in fact, U.S. arms negotiators, reminiscing over the bad old days with their now-no-longer Soviet counterparts at a happy dinner, were interrupted by a fist slamming down upon the table. “You know what caused the downfall of the Soviet Union? You know what did it?” demanded a senior general, a little flush with vodka.

Some racked their brains with thoughts of missile defense, perpetual shortages of everything from soap to vodka, the U.S. military buildup. The general banged his fist again. “That damn speech about the evil empire! That’s what did it!” The general was standing now, and to the questioning eyes of one American he added: “It was an evil empire. It was.”

The power of morality expressed in words as a simple idea. Never forget.


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