Doesn't Matter If He's Only

Doesn’t Matter If He’s Only Been Here Since Lunch
Will Warren is at it again. This time, Will takes his poison quill out on those idiots at FAIR. They’re the anti-immigration idiots who think we’d all be fat and happy (and white) if we’d just seal off the borders. Right.


Which brings me to an old rant of mine. I know “Indian” is a misnomer, but “Native American” really irks me. I was born here, I’m a native. Native Americans aren’t even “native” — Bering Land Bridge, anyone? And now there’s evidence that some aboriginal tribes have European and Polynesean and everything else roots. You know, just like the rest of us. The question is only how long ago was it your ancestors came over, not even where. We’ve been a melting pot for millennia.

In fact, if anti-immigration idiots want to be really true to their ideas, they should all move back to the Oldavai Gorge. And take the Green Party, Earth First!ers, and preservationists with them.

But the beauty of America is, we can all be native.


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