At Least He's No Pat

At Least He’s No Pat Buchanan
Out of some sort of masochism, I’m watching Bill O’Reilly on Fox. It occurs to me, Republicans shouldn’t be too pleased with him — he’s no conservative. O’Reilly is a populist. How long can he keep his populist stripes with the money he’s earning now? Who knows.


One of these days, his Bill Bennett-is-a-pussy-on-drug-policy stance is going to come back and bite his ass. (If you’ll remember, it was Bill Bennett on Larry King years ago, who called for the death penalty for drug dealers. Not enough for Bill O.) Right now he’s rerunning a combative interview with the late Tem Demme, director of the movie “Blow.”

When we finally give up on the pointless drug war, I’ll be watching O’Reilly that night.


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