He's Still No Carson You

He’s Still No Carson
You gotta love Letterman. VodkaPundit started watching him at the tender age of 13, when he got his first late night gig over at NBC. You can find his Top Ten list from last night here, but you might not know about the Top Ten Extra. If you go to the web site, you can see extra items left off the list.


Here I present last night’s extra from Top Ten Reasons I Love America:

Free refills
It’s got the greatest Navy in the world!
Thanks to our nation’s radio stations, while the rest of the world has “October,” we have “Rocktober”
Every year an American team wins the Super Bowl
Hardly anyone speaks Swedish, which is good because I don’t understand Swedish
The St. Louis Arch makes a convenient carrying handle for the whole continent
Other countries may have cheese — we have Cheese Whiz
American know-how lets me shampoo and condition at the same time

OK, Letterman — now go take CBS for all they’re worth in your contract negotiations.


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