Don't They Always Seem Smart

Don’t They Always Seem Smart When They Agree With You?
Yesterday I wrote:

In all three cases, we put off “finishing” the war because it seemed too expensive. In Korea we worried about starting WWIII. In Iran, we feared Soviet intervention, too. In Iraq, we feared taking Bagdhad would lead to a lengthy occupation and Marshall Plan. Well, now we know — acting later is always more expensive than acting now. Compound interest collects on unfinished wars, too.


And now this just in from Smart Reader Brenda Largent:

Here’s a free lesson from a programmer:

Fixing a programming error after software release: Approximately 10x the cost and time of fixing it before release. ALWAYS finish the job. It’s waaaaay expensive to go back and do it all again. This is true of every endeavor in life. Remember the old carpentry saying ‘Measure twice, cut once.’

Amen, Brenda.


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