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Does This Mean I Have

Does This Mean I Have to Organize My Dry Bar by Dewey Decimal?

An email exchange with a good friend resulted in the question, "You're a Scotch drinker, so why 'VodkaPundit'?"

Simple. Just like pairing food with booze, different kinds of writing call for different drinks.

Punditry goes with vodka, natch.

Writing fiction calls for a good single-malt Scotch, preferably Oban or Dalwhinnie

If you're working on a limerick, you'll want a beer. Or three. And definately Guiness.

Research paper? You're a student and can't afford to drink.

Legal briefs are best served with a gin martini, unless you're a Bahamian bank lawyer, in which case a gin and tonic with a squeeze.

Trying to finish that epic poem? Mead, baby, mead!

Writers of football team names on their chests should stick with Bud.

And finally, there's High Verse. Demerol, cocaine, and jug wine all at once. (Dorothy Parker only)

We'll be taking further suggestions to add to this list right up until last call. Seriously. After that, I'm now considering changing my slogan to "The Somellier of Punditry."