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Conspiracy Theory Department
The Associated Press reports that the kidnappers of reporter Daniel Pearl are now threatening to kill him tomorrow if their demands aren’t met. Could this be some sort of left wing plot to gain back some sympathy for the press?


Nope — Pearl works for the Wall Street Journal.

I know I shouldn’t joke about Mr. Pearl’s plight. But the whole situation is so awful that if I don’t joke, then I’m going to cry. A good American, a member in good standing of the Fourth Estate, doing his noble job — this man is taken captive by barbarians who think nothing of his life, or any individual life. While we, we who think so much of life that we make conditions nice, even for captured terrorists who plotted to kill our wives and children, we can do little or nothing to help Daniel Pearl.

Pearl’s job is to bring truth to his readers. The barbarian’s job is to plunge the world into darkness.

If we give in to the barbarian’s demands, then a thousand Americans will be held at gunpoint tomorrow. So we sit and we wait and we hope to develop enough intelligence to rescue Pearl before his captors decide he serves their plans better as a corpse.

I do not beleive in God. I do not pray. But my thoughts tonight are somewhere in Pakistan with Daniel Pearl.


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