More snide stupidity from Maureen

More snide stupidity from Maureen Dowd as expected.

Dowd attempts to make fun of the Bush administration for looking/feeling all victorious for the, uh, victory in Afghanistan. She writes, “I hesitate to interrupt the victory laps, the chesty posing, the passing out of medals. But something in me really wants to know: Is the war over? Did we win it or not?”


Apparently, Ms Dowd doesn’t understand that it’s OK to celebrate a victorious battle before the war is over. Did the Russians not celebrate destroying the entire German 6th Army at Stalingrad, more than two years before the end of WWII? Did we not celebrate Gettysburg? Did the Japanese not clap after Pearl Harbor?

Maureen, you’re too stupid to pour piss out of a boot — even if the directions how were written on the heel.

The Administration has earned this moment. And thankfully, I think they’re all aware enough to understand that this glow is just a moment — and that tougher battles in this long war loom ahead. Hopefully, our success will be as thorough as Grant’s over the South or Zhukov’s over Das Reich, and not fleeting like the Japanese Combined Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

But in the meantime, our armed forces and, yes, President Bush & Co deserve a self-pat on the back and an atta boy.


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