What's Wrong With Islam? Andrew

What’s Wrong With Islam?

Andrew Sullivan led me to David Brooks’ piece today on why Islam breeds so many idiots. Er, martyrs. No, wait — idiots. I hadn’t even finished the article (no jokes about attention span, please) when a thought (no jokes here, either) hit me (please, I’ve earned it).


Islam is young — 1,400 years versus 2,000 for Christianity and well over 5,000 for Judaism. Now, let’s look at Christianity circa A.D. 1,400. Do I even have to paint much of a picture for you? Superstitious, persecutorial, all-controlling, unreformed — and we hadn’t even gotten to the delights of the Inquisition yet.

So is all this bloodshed just a case of Islam being immature? Will age bring wisdom to this young, bloody-minded upstart? Time will tell. But in the meantime, we have to do two things: 1) Keep our powder dry, and; 2) Keep lots of powder.


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