Over at the New York

Over at the New York Times, Nicolas D. Kristof ruins a perfectly fine cup of strong Italian coffee with this lede:

“One of the things that we Americans are finally waking up to since Sept. 11 is the degree to which we are disliked and resented around the world.”


Methinks Nicolas uses the word “we” a bit lightly. After all, murderous blood-thirsty savages like us bloggers don’t care what the world thinks, we just want to nuke it all — right? And when he speaks of himself, that “we” has always known how much the world hates the US — almost as much as Kristof does.

VodkaPundit believes the other side of the equation is far more important. Three of the things the Sept 11 follow-up taught the world is how much power the US has, how willing we are to use it, and how utterly useless our professional commentariat is.


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