Andrew Sullivan makes some rather

Andrew Sullivan makes some rather clearheaded comments, as always, over the White House and the brewing-but-not-yet-quite-bubbling Enron scandal. Don’t think he’s swung my opinion (available below, last Thursday), but he does seem more hopeful than I.


Then again, Andrew probably doesn’t enjoy nearly as many vodka martinis.

UPDATE: The more I look at the news today, the more it appears that everyone thinks the Dems are going to back off Enron for fear of looking worse than the Reps.

Folks, that just ain’t the way it works with business scandals. When Dems take money from Big Business, it’s so they can better look after the little guy. That doesn’t make sense, you say? It doesn’t have to. It still usually works. When Reps take money from Big Business, it’s because they’re all Masons or some such secret cabal and out to take over the world.

So VodkaPundit stands by his previous predictions (as opposed to “prior conviction”) that this will hurt the Reps more than the Dems, but will play out pretty small. Whitewater at the biggest.


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