The Enron implosion is starting

The Enron implosion is starting to look really bad for the Bush Administration, according to the latest from MSNBC, the Las Vegas Sun, and…hell, everybody. As more details come out, we’ll see the Democrats are just as much to blame as the Republicans — but the Dems will come out ahead on points.


You read that here first, kids.

The question remains, will this scandal be another Iran-Contra, or just another Whitewater? I’m betting one vodka martini on the latter, but with a lot less certainty than on the first prediction.

This much is certain: It’s gonna get messy.

UPDATE: Team Bush just can’t score a P.R. win. This story in the New York Times sums up what I saw in Bush’s press conference earlier on Fox News — namely, that the Bush Administration just plain doesn’t look good. Bush proposed some new pension plan protection policies (all hail alliteration!), but as the NYT story says, “that move appeared aimed in part at containing the political damage from Enron’s demise.”

Bush needs to learn what cost his father the presidency. When it comes to the economy, you must at least appear to be pro-active. Simply reacting to a scandal such as this makes his administration look neglectful at best and corrupt at worst.

But I still say the scandal will hurt both sides(Reps more than Dems), and play out more like Whitewater than Iran-Contra.


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