West Coast, Messed Coast™ Report – Leftists Swarm Like Sharks After Senator Dianne Feinstein's Death

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California Senator Dianne Feinstein died early Friday. A somber good day to readers of the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report. DiFi, who was 90 years old, was a Democrat icon who, until her failing health, was largely respected on both sides of the political aisle for her work on the major committees in the Senate, including the judiciary, intelligence, and appropriations committees – three plum committee assignments.


Her failing health, which included nearly around-the-clock at-home medical care and being confined to a wheelchair, caused her daughter to take over her private day-to-day fiduciary duties. Feinstein was financially independent and married three times. Her last husband, Richard Blum, died of cancer last year and was a billionaire. His estate has been enmeshed in an epic battle over what he left behind, including a Stinson Beach estate.

The nation’s leftists have been loudly calling for Feinstein’s ouster so Governor Gavin Newsom could replace her with a hair-on-fire leftist. Recently, Newsom, who considers Feinstein “family,” said he would not replace her until she voluntarily left. He said he had full confidence that her staff was doing a great job running her office, ignoring the fact that no Californians actually voted for her staff.

But now she’s gone, and the road is clear for a new far-left California senator. And now you’re about to be treated to a lesson in just how far left Newsom will go with naming her replacement, who would fill the spot until January 2025.

Newsom has previously promised, ala Joe Biden, to replace Feinstein with a black woman, which would give Oakland area Congresswoman Barbara Lee an edge in the DiFi sweepstakes. San Francisco weirdo State Senator Scott Wiener, Russia collusion hoaxer Congressman Adam Schiff, and climate catastrophist Congresswoman Katie Porter are all gunning to sit in Feinstein’s wheelchair.

Don’t Ask and We Won’t Tell

Oregon governor, the unfortunately-named Tina Kotek, asked people on Twitter/X what Oregonians “value most about Portland.” Things didn’t go as well as she thought they would. Kotek asked residents to answer on a Google doc, but they took the liberty of answering on Twitter/X, and here’s how that went.

Kotek: “Oregon: I want to hear from you! What do you value most about Portland? What would bring you downtown more often? How can we improve Central City?”

Oregon: “You really need the help of a survey? Just head downtown and take a look.”

Clean the streets, stop the destruction, and bring back businesses, especially Target, which just announced it’s closing three stores in Portland because of retail theft and a lack of safety.

Send the tweakers back home.



This guy blames the planner class for starting the downward trend. There’s merit to this comment.

Kotek has decided to mug another West Coast, Messed Coast™ governor and pretend to be the shadow mayor of Portland, which resulted in this questionnaire. Gavin Newsom recently took a larger interest in the bum-crushing of San Francisco.

It’s Not Our Guns, It’s You Bums

All West Coast, Messed Coast™ governors pretend that guns possessed by law-abiding citizens are the cause of rampant violence. That’s not true, but Newsom, Kotek, and Washington Governor Jay Inslee don’t believe in logic when there are so many political gains to be made by these liars.

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Letting bums out of jail and prison, not prosecuting criminals, defunding cops, rampant outdoor drug use, and the open border all combine to make things more dangerous on the streets. But what do these demagogues do? Take it out on law-abiding gun owners.


In a piece this week, I laid out some of the ways this is happening. Please give it a read.

Seattle’s Sgt. Schultz Army

Another city that the progs have ruined is Seattle, a place where hot-and-cold-running drug addicts adorn outdoor walls, chairs, streets, sidewalks, and tent cities. Allowing these people to live on the streets makes everyone else less safe due to their sick tolerance of violence and inhumanity. It grows and festers. Rinse and repeat.

But when Fox News’s Jesse Watters’ man-on-the-street guy, Johnny, came to Seattle to ask about this crushing health crisis on the streets, Seattle’s Sgt. Schultzes responded, “Crime, what crime? I don’t see any crime.”

Barack America

What was Barack Obama doing at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., the other day? Maybe shaking down some campaign donations on the West Coast, Messed Coast™? Making an inspirational speech? No one has said, but we’ll keep watching.


Until next time, West Coast, Messed Coast™ readers. Keep busy, we’ve got a country to save.

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