The White House Is Now Hiding Joe Biden's Trips Up and Down Stairs on Air Force One

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You won’t have stories about Joe Biden tripping up or down the stairs on Air Force One to kick around anymore. That’s because the White House brass have issued a directive ordering staff to hide how Joe gets in and out of the presidential jet. It won’t stop the president from tripping, but you, an American voter, won’t have to be subjected to watching it anymore.


If you’ve been paying attention, you understand why. If you haven’t, well, I regret to inform you. Go ahead, hit play.

From tripping over sandbags at the Air Force Academy to multiple trips up and down the big stairs, Joe Biden’s stiff gait and obvious cognitive issues are getting him into trouble. Many reporters and talking heads chalk this up to old age, but I know a guy in his 90s who walks better than Joe.

It’s not about the number; it’s about what’s in the noggin, as my Dad used to call it.

So Joe must use the “lower stairs” of the presidential jetliner. As MSN reported, “Frail Joe Biden ‘FORCED’ to Use ‘Lower Stairs’ on Air Force One to Avoid More Embarrassing Tripping Incidents.” It reported that “Joe Biden’s advisers have had enough of his embarrassing stumbling mishaps” and have prescribed a new plan with Joe using the “lower stairs” of the giant plane.


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Politico called them the “small steps” that Biden used for most of his recent European swing. This is the trip where the president kept missing big shot dinners because they were after his bedtime.

“[T]he small steps to board Air Force One [were used] for every flight on his European trip: to London, Vilnius, Helsinki and back to Washington,” Politico reported. It reported that advisers for the president “acknowledged an intentional shift to steer the 80-year-old president to the lower stairs more often to make his travel easier and limit the possibility for missteps.” The publication then posed a question: “Why climb 26 sometimes wobbly steps at Joint Base Andrews, raised off the back of a pick-up truck that drives up beside Air Force One, when you have the option of stepping up or down just 14?” But that’s not actually true.

If Joe’s upstairs working in the Air Force One presidential office, he’s got stairs to climb. When he gets to the middle floor of AF1, he’s got stairs to climb. Joe’s ascending and descending probably as many stairs whether you see him walking them or not. And that’s the point. The White House really doesn’t want you to see him.


Especially when few outside the press corps are likely to even notice.

Biden used the big boy stairs when he arrived in London and Helsinki, but Politico notes he didn’t use the big stairs to get into Air Force One.

None of those arrivals or departures — all of which are public and witnessed by the traveling press pool — were marked by inclement weather. He used the large stairs to descend from the plane upon arrival in London, Vilnius, and Helsinki, when his hosts arranged more formal greeting ceremonies, but not to climb back aboard. “And the overseas trip came on the heels of several recent domestic ones where Biden predominantly used the lower stairs on visits to and from Rocky Mount, N.C., Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia,” the publication noted.

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In addition, Joe’s wearing his sneaks when he’s walking in the wild as well.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, of course, is running cover for the hair smeller. Read this portion of a presser she held with the media, one of whose members asked about the president’s mobility issues:


Q Ever since — well, maybe not directly, but shortly after the President had his sandbag stumble at the Air Force Academy, he has been using the lower steps on Air Force One instead of the, kind of, truck that drives up. I’m wondering if that is because he’s been having mobility problems of any ty- — type, if it’s to address — you know, he’s had a couple incidents falling on the stairs getting up and you guys just decided that it would be better for him. Can you walk me through —

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: So I don’t have —

Q — what’s going on there?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: I don’t have any decision process to walk through. I’m sure there’s a protocol that’s used for the — for Air Force One. I just don’t have one.

I mean, you guys see the President every day, when it — to speak to — when you — when we speak to mobility. The President always says watch him.

You know, he was a — this was a president — let’s not forget, he went to a warzone country in Ukraine and did that in a way that was incredibly effective. The world got to see him out there and meet with President Zelenskyy. And I think that’s incredibly important.

I just don’t have anything to share on (inaudible).

Q I — I guess just to, like — to buttonhole it —

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Yeah. Yeah.

Q — you know, we’ve seen a change in the medical technology he’s using [C-Pap], we’ve seen a behavioral change here.

Is there anything that you guys are seeing that represents a medical change of any sort with the President?


MS. JEAN-PIERRE: So, look, if you look at what — what we have put forward, as far as his medical — the President’s medical report, it is more comprehensive and extensive than any other president. You guys have in front of you, if — and we’ve presented to all of you memos

Jean-Pierre keeps grasping for her binder and saying she “doesn’t have anything for you on that” and that Joe Biden’s medical reports were the most transparent ever. And then there’s this exchange:

Q The first question was: Are there any plans for the President’s physician to brief the press?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Oh, no, there’s no plans. Look, we put — we put forward a very comprehensive memos on the President’s health. I would refer you to that. No plans for the doctor to — to brief the press.

Joe Biden isn’t old as much as he’s enfeebled. The White House is hiding more than his trips up and down the stairs of Air Force One. Much more.


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