'Breathtakingly Corrupt' FBI EXPOSED in Durham Trump-Russia Report

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Special Counsel John Durham called the FBI’s acts in the Crossfire Hurricane (Trump-Russia) probe “sobering” and said the actions displayed a “lack of fidelity.” But Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said the probe exposed a “breathtakingly corrupt” FBI that is “subversive of the Constitution.”


Somebody might want to take Christopher Wray’s airplane away, halt those billions for a new FBI building, and get the FBI Director a new pair of underpants after this report.

In a series of tweets, Lee, a Constitutional scholar, said the Durham report laid bare the series of political decisions to get Trump instead of following its own rules.

Lee said that “the gravity of the misconduct uncovered by Mr. Durham cannot be overstated.”

“The LEAST one can say of it is that it involved a malicious use of federal law-enforcement officers to conduct a contrived investigation utterly lacking any valid, factual foundation from the very beginning. That is itself incredibly troubling—and also unconstitutional,” he wrote. But he said that the Durham Report indicated that the FBI corruption “was SO MUCH WORSE than that.” He stated that the ramifications of the Report showed “a powerful, long-respected, federal law-enforcement agency” using its power “to render a presidential candidate unelectable—entirely in the absence of any valid, good-faith basis for doing so.” [emphasis added]

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And he said there’s no innocent explanation for why the once-premier law enforcement agency turned Stasi is corrupt to the core.


So make no mistake—this can’t be dismissed as mere carelessness or even a severe example of garden-variety misconduct. No—this is as corrupt and as subversive of the Constitution as it gets. [emphasis added]

It gets worse.

Indeed, the Durham Report said that the FBI and the “Intelligence Community” [CIA, NSA] never “possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.” Not only did they have no evidence to open the investigation, but they were also pressured to do so by none other than James Comey and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

“In particular, at the direction of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok opened Crossfire Hurricane immediately” without vetting the information, including the so-called Steele Dossier. And they never checked the information coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign to see if there was any truth to it. “The matter was opened as a full investigation without ever having spoken to the persons who provided the information. Further, the FBI did so without any significant review of its own intelligence databases.”

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For those of you who are unclear about what the above means, it means they lied to get Trump.


Furthermore, the FBI, especially its former head, James Comey, wanted to open the investigation without the necessary predicate. Comey was adamant about getting a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant so they could spy on the Trump campaign. To get the FISA warrant, they had to lie on the application, which is a federal crime — not that anyone is going to be punished for it.

According to the Durham Report:

OI Attorney-I advised the Office that FBI OGC attorney Kevin Clinesmith informed him that Director Corney “wants to know what’s going on,” and that Deputy Director McCabe asked who the FBI needed to speak with at DOI “to get this going,” McCabe confirmed this basic push by the FBI and Comey when he was interviewed by the OIG investigators. McCabe told the interviewers that there was a lot of back-and-forth between the Crossfire Hurricane investigators and 0I regarding”[w]hen are we going to get it? When are we going to get it?” and that Corney repeatedly asked him “Where is the FISA, where is the FISA? What’s the status with the, with the Page FISA?” McCabe noted that the FISA was something McCabe definitely knew Corney wanted.

The Durham Report details how the FBI broke its own rules, didn’t vet the material given to it by obvious Hillary Clinton operatives, ignored the Constitution, ignored exculpatory information of the targets of the investigation, and used its power to try and help Clinton win the 2016 election. It didn’t work, but Deep State efforts to help Democrats were renewed in the 2020 election cycle.


Lee wondered what many of us have spent time wondering since the hinky 2020 election. “What if” the FBI and Intelligence Community had stayed out of the election?

Several heads have rolled since these accusations became apparent, but it’s not enough until someone goes to jail for using his/her position of power to — what do they call it? Oh, yes, “Destroy Democracy™”

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Democrats, like party organ the New York Times, will pretend this is old news, and some of it is, but Durham’s report also seems to question the underpinnings of the investigations into Gen. Michael Flynn, the first target of the phony FBI probe, called Crossfire Razor. It also calls attention to the fact that Paul Manafort, who helped manage the RNC nominating convention for Trump and then resigned when news accounts questioned his Russia/Ukraine ties, went to prison for failure to pay taxes and was set up by lying Steele Dossier informants. Manafort, a registered foreign lobbyist, and Carter Page were framed as conduits through which nefarious Trump-Russia relations were consummated. But they were lies and the FBI knew it.

[O]ur investigation also uncovered that Dolan was the definitive source for at least one allegation in the Steele Reports. This allegation, contained in Steele Report 2016/105, concerned the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Paul Manafort from the Trump campaign. When interviewed by the Office, Dolan admitted that he fabricated the allegation about Manafort that appeared in the Steele Report. Our investigation also revealed that, in some instances, Dolan independently received other information strikingly similar to allegations that would later appear in the Steele Reports. Nevertheless, when interviewed by the FBI, Danchenko denied that Dolan was a source for any information in the Steele Reports.


If I were their attorneys, I would be going over the Durham Report with a magnifying glass.

During his four-year investigation, Durham prosecuted the Steele Dossier sub-source Igor Danchenko and Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann for lying to FBI agents, both of whom were found not guilty by D.C. juries. But the trials provided eye-popping insights into the flimsy FBI cases against Trump allies. Remarkably, in those trials, Durham seemed to frame the FBI as unwitting dupes of the Clinton campaign shenanigans. The Durham Report gives the FBI no quarter, no leverage whatsoever.

In short, Durham showed that the FBI:

  • Framed Trump as a Russian spy.
  • Had no legal predicate to investigate the Trump campaign.
  • Practiced two-tiered justice, one for Trump and another for Clinton.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton’s foundation was a money-laundering racket.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence and did nothing about it.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton was framing Trump to distract from her email scandal.
  • Didn’t perform the most basic functions of an investigation.
  • Lied to get a FISA warrant due to pressure from James Comey.
  • Interfered with the Durham investigation by paying Steele source Danchenko.
  • Hid evidence of Carter Page’s innocence from investigation and warrant application.
  • Purposely deprived Donald Trump, et. al., of their good names, reputations, and millions of dollars in legal fees.
  • Used its authority to ruin people’s lives.
  • Helped further what attorney and radio host Mark Levin termed a “soft coup.”

It’s hard to overstate the sickening corruption at the FBI in this case and what we’ve seen in the January 6 prosecutions. If you want to know what a corrupt outfit the FBI is and how the January 6 prosecutions are fundamentally unconstitutional, you may want to watch my interview with civil rights attorney and Democrat Harvey Silverglate who calls for getting rid of the FBI “root and branch.” See it below.

The Deep State Borg tried to steal the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. If you’d been reading PJ Media all these years, you would have known that because we’ve reported on every move of the Durham investigation. But the media and Deep State Borg have conspired to silence PJ Media and its sister sites. That’s right; they’ve been part of an effort to shut up the truth-tellers. It may be why you’re just finding us. Now that you’re here, never lose us again.

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