West Coast, Messed Coast™: First, Do No Harm—Special Drug Edition

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Almost all West Coast, Messed Coast™ Democrat leaders are besotted with the idea of “harm reduction” for the flocks of drug-addled chaos tourists taking up residence on the streets of Oregon, Wash., and California’s largest cities.


Harm reduction isn’t. San Francisco and Seattle allow heroin, fentanyl, and “trank”- afflicted addicts to lounge on the streets between overdoses. To ameliorate the tough times for the addicted, those cities provide places where they can find clean needles, natch, pipes, screens, and all manner of drug paraphernalia to make it easier to take drugs. San Francisco has even considered buying and selling drugs to make sure they were pure enough for druggies.

In 2020, Oregon voters approved Measure 110, a George Soros-conceived plan to decriminalize hard drug possession. The result has been more drug addicts, more tent cities, and more despair. Harm reduction counselors hit the streets with cops (because desperate people are dangerous sometimes).

Making addiction easy is not humane and makes everyone unsafe.

The cartel of governors of California, Oregon, and Washington decided among themselves that fewer cops, consequence-free drug use, and nearly-free housing would solve the “homeless” problem in these states. They set about spending billions in new tax money to “solve” the problem they spent billions of taxpayer dollars to make worse.


Now, in Seattle, things are so bad that politicians finally acknowledge how dangerous the steady stream of tent cities, open-air drug dens, and armed street dealers really are.

Seattle reporter Jonathan Choe was chased by a man with a knife for recording his drug deals.

Two Seattle council members and the city attorney publicly announced efforts to change the city’s consequence-free drug use on the streets. After the Washington State legislature failed to dial back the insane laws making it safe for drug users and dealers everywhere, Seattle City Attorney Anne Davison and council members Sara Nelson and Alex Pederson called for an ordinance to make open-air drug use a misdemeanor. That would allow police to take people to jail and get them help.


Council Leftist Tammy Morales said she’d take a “hard pass” on the suggested ordinance. She prefers chaos and increasing drug use and overdoses on the streets of Seattle, apparently.

As you can see below, Seattle’s harm reduction efforts are expected to increase drug overdoses by nearly 50% in 2023. Seattle is on pace for 1,500 drug overdoses. Last year there were 1,000.

In San Francisco, where the drug problem is worse despite the city being hollowed out by its draconian COVID rules, so fewer people are around to notice, police finally arrested the druggie who beat the former fire commissioner to within an inch of his life.

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Garrett Alan Doty was arrested by police for beating with a hammer the former fire commissioner Don Carmignani.

Carmignani is expected to suffer from his head injuries for the rest of his life, according to a friend. The attack occurred when he demanded the druggies who pitched a tent outside his parents’ home move.

When cities don’t enforce the law, drug lords create their own brand of justice.


In my adopted city of San Diego, the drug-addicted scene is much the same as the rest of the West Coast, Messed Coast™.

These are the stakes. Try not to look away as this desperate man tells his story of selling his body on the streets of Portland for drug money.

These people need help, not more drugs.

Until our next West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, grab some Narcan if you plan to go downtown. You may have to save a life.


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