The 'Biden Crime Family' Was All-in on Gain-of-Function Research

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Remember when Hunter Biden tagged along on Joe’s trip to China in 2013? Photographers captured the moment when Hunter followed his dad and daughter Finnegan down the stairs of Air Force Two. The Obama White House produced a fawning video about it (watch it below). It was a trip that would pay millions in dividends for what some people call “The Biden Crime Family.”


On that Asian tour, Vice President Biden held a four-and-a-half hour-long meeting with Chinese President Xi that was mostly off the record. He also visited Japan and South Korea. The trip was in December 2013.

Hunter’s visage wasn’t featured in the vast majority of the coverage. But they needed only one look to ask, “What was Hunter doing on this trip?” It turns out, he was off doing deals, trading on his dad’s name, and making millions for the family.

Eleven months after that trip, the big deals started happening. In October 2014, Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP) became an investor in a Silicon Valley company called Metabiota, which does business with China, the Pentagon, and Ukraine. The company, which predicts pandemics and tries to “prevent proactively the spread of diseases” for “companies, governments, and livestock producers,” has ties to the World Economic Forum (Davos) through its founder, virologist Nathan Wolfe, who has been selected by WEF as an up-and-coming leader. Eventually, Biden’s RSTP would own a 13.4% stake in Metabiota.

Metabiota also had connections to Ukraine labs, but self-anointed media fact-checkers, in this case the Washington Post, tried to bat away claims that the Bidens had any stake in the labs. Still, through its Metabiota stake, Hunter’s firm did have a connection, though later he would be reportedly pushed out of his firm when his cocaine use got him tossed out of the Navy as right after he joined.


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Mike McCormick, who was a White House stenographer — literally Joe Biden’s transcriptionist during his time as vice president — says this trip would create the lucrative conduit through which the Biden family would be richly rewarded.

It was a relationship teed up by Joe.

On my Adult in the Room podcast, McCormick created a timeline proving a “conspiracy” between Hunter and Joe Biden, along with Biden’s then-spokesman (now national security adviser) Jake Sullivan of using U.S. aid to give to, in this case, Ukraine’s energy needs and then positioning Hunter for a board position on the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma. If you haven’t read that piece yet, by all means, go back and read it to understand how that all went down. It informs how things likely worked out for Hunter’s Metabiota deal.

McCormick explained the connections of this firm to Hunter and how his comparison of Joe’s speeches and Hunter’s laptop revealed a timeline that shows that, with other evidence, shows Joe, acting as a bagman, gave “assistance” through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2012.

Metabiota’s China-based research had begun in 2012 and was partly funded by U.S. taxpayers through a frequent conduit of Joe’s “assistance,” the United States Agency for International Development (USAID.) The project teamed Metabiota with Chinese virologists and EcoHealth Alliance funders to “map” how viruses transmitted from bats to humans could lead to a global pandemic… Essentially, they were examining bat scat. Their lab work was winding down just as Joe and Xi had their marathon sit-down in December 2013.


McCormick connects other dots on his Midnight in the Laptop of Good and Evil Substack. Documents he shares on his website show that Metabiota helped conduct a study of bat guano with the names of organizations you know from their starring roles in the COVID-19 pandemic: the Chinese bat lady, EcoHealth Alliance, and, last but not least, the Wuhan lab.

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Is that dispositive of anything? McCormick admits that no, he can’t prove there were any nefarious agreements between Xi and Joe in their secret marathon meeting, but notes it shares a Biden pattern. Joe tees up a deal, and Hunter exploits it.

Now, just as it was entirely reasonable that Xi knew of Metabiota’s research in Wuhan, it’s also entirely reasonable that he discussed with Joe a path to even greater collaboration between China and the U.S. on infectious disease research. And Joe read into that an investment in Metabiota.

Why do I say that?

Because actually within a year of Joe and Xi’s mega-meeting an agreement of exactly that was announced by President Barack Obama and President Xi in Beijing on November 11th, 2014.

Interesting how that happened AFTER Obama’s White House Office of Science and Technology Policy paused gain-of-function research in October 2014, thus permitting Obama and Fauci to passively fund extremely dangerous research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology via pass-through grants to EcoHealth Alliance.

Maybe that’s what Xi was after.


He told me on Adult in the Room (see the video version at 42:23) that there’s an “evil” about the family in Hunter’s laptop who moved into the White House.

The big connection there is in 2014, he’s going in and out of Ukraine. In the summer Ebola hits. And in August there’s a meeting in Joe Biden’s vice president’s residence with [Ron] Klain, [Ted] Kaufman, and a guy named Mike Donilon [now a senior Biden adviser]. Klain, about a month and a half later, is named the Ebola czar. Out of that Ebola czar process, Obama agreed to do gain of function research in China and that’s what led to Covid.

There’s more in our interview.

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