The Nashville Police Body Cam Video Will Make You Proud of Cops

Nashville police say when they got the call about the Covenant Christian School shooting on Monday, it was 10:13 a.m. By 10:27 a.m., the killer lay dead in a camo-covered lump on the ground.


A lot happened in between. If you haven’t seen the body cam footage released by police on Tuesday morning, you should. It’s below.

As a veteran of the news business, I’m not fazed by most things, but this video impressed me. Not because you see the violence; the gruesome parts are tiled out. Stripped to its essence, however, this video shows raw bravery and selflessness we don’t often get a chance to witness — if we’re lucky. I teared up watching it, knowing that at any second one of those cops could be picked off by the shooter.

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Cops can be jerks; we’ve all met one. But with all the tiresome talk about defunding the police, with the implication that if there weren’t any cops any more criminals would somehow behave themselves, it’s refreshing to be able say to the haters, Hey, watch this video and stick your defunding where the sun don’t shine.

The Nashville response is a bright-line contrast with the Uvalde Police Department’s pathetic and indolent response as officers stood nearby, waiting for a leader to take charge while listening to the killer gun down those babies. The Left lies and clings to the fiction that these tragedies are the gun’s fault. No. It’s a heart and head problem. The response by the cops in Uvalde made everything worse.


The roughly six-minute video starts with Officer Rex Englebert arriving. Waiting outside for him were a man and woman, likely school officials, directing officers. It would be only seconds or minutes later that the shooter, unidentified at this point, would rain fire down on police cars, according to Chief John Drake.

Maybe I was beguiled by how the Nashville Police edited together this body cam video. They used establishing shots of one of the officers getting on the scene and grabbing his rifle from a bag in the back of his police cruiser.

“Gimme three! Let’s get three!” yelled Officer Rex Englebert. He was calling for three other officers to go with him to create a hunting cell to find the killer and neutralize him. While the woman told the officer the shooting was coming from the second floor, Englebert’s team felt they needed to clear the classrooms and offices on the way in case the murderer was hiding there or had an accomplice.

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To add to the chaos, the school’s alarm kept up an incessant cacophony of police-like siren sounds.

When the shooting started again, this time out a second-floor window at the cop cars below, as it turns out, the officers systematically and seamlessly got upstairs.  The officers shot the 28-year-old as she stationed herself by the window to shoot at the responding police below. It was 3:38 minutes later.


It’s gotten to be a cliché to say that when we run out screaming, the good guys run in. But here we are again. The good guys run in to vanquish the bad guys. It’s a story as old as time.

The response was professional and competent.

I know I’ll get blowback from some quarters, upset for saying a video showing a bad guy getting their pre-ordained end will make anyone proud. But if you are upset, I’d advise you to go back to your fainting couch where you left your kombucha, pick up your latest tome about toxic masculinity and ACAB tracts, and save your breath, because I can’t hear you.


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