The Nashville Killer Lied About Her Guns

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The woman who wanted to be a man and shot up a Nashville Christian school she once attended lied to her parents about her guns — all seven of them.

Audrey Hale, who renamed herself with a male name, lived with her parents while the troubled 28-year-old confronted the mental issues for which she was receiving professional help, according to police.


At a news conference Tuesday, the day after the attack on the Covenant School, Nashville Police Chief John Drake said Hale’s parents told him the killer had sold the sole gun she owned.

He also told reporters that her parents “felt that she should not own weapons. They were under the impression when she sold the one weapon that she did not own any more.” But Hale lied to her parents. “As it turns out, she had been hiding several weapons within the house,” Drake added.

Hale’s problems were severe, but it turns out that she was far more troubled than even her parents knew. “She was under care of a doctor for an emotional disorder,” Drake divulged.

He told reporters that “law enforcement knew nothing about the treatment she was receiving.”

And that’s important because had authorities known about Hale’s mental issues, she wouldn’t have been able to buy the “seven firearms from five different gun stores here, ” Drake told reporters.

All of the weapons were purchased “legally. They were legally purchased. Three of those weapons were used yesterday (Monday, March 27, 2023) during this horrific tragedy that happened.” And she hid all of them from her parents all around the house.


Now the last image of their mentally confused daughter is her crumpled camo-and-tactical-vest-covered body, revealed in police body cam video. See it below:


As I reported earlier on PJ Media, police say the killer’s manifesto revealed that she’d considered other places to target, but after they were shown to have security — men with guns — decided to go for the soft target instead. “We feel that these students who were targeted were randomly targeted” — because it was a no-gun zone. Drake said that, in Hale’s manifesto, “there are several different writings about other locations.”

While police have “no motive” yet for the killings of the three students and three adults, PJ Media’s Matt Margolis reported that a trans activist group, Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN), had called for a “Day of Vengeance” this week. Conservative radio host Andrew Wilkow retweeted the call for vengeance but it was removed from Twitter for violating the terms of service. But it read, “Remember this is coming Saturday.” The tweet included a picture that isn’t visible anymore. Police don’t know if the killer was inspired by or connected to the group and decided to go operational early.


The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) says Tennessee law mandates that every school property must have a sign at least six inches by fourteen inches that says, “FELONY. STATE LAW PRESCRIBES A MAXIMUM PENALTY OF SIX (6) YEARS IMPRISONMENT AND A FINE NOT TO EXCEED THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($3,000) FOR CARRYING WEAPONS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY.”

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Tennessee law holds that if a buyer doesn’t pass a background check then “the dealer shall be notified by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation if the purchaser is disqualified from completing the transfer or provide the dealer with a unique approval number.” The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation may charge a fee of up to $10.00 for conducting the background check.

The troubled woman passed all of her background checks, including the FBI NICS check.

It’s not a gun problem. It’s a head and heart problem.


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