Is NYC District Attorney Prepping the Jeffrey Epstein Suite at Rikers for Re-Elect Trump HQ?

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New York City’s George Soros-bankrolled District Attorney is signaling that he will arrest Donald Trump as soon as Tuesday over the Stormy Daniels bimbroglio from years ago. The case, made up of vapors and dandelion wishes, is the last-gasp effort by the Left to “Get Trump.” One wonders if Bragg’s next move is to prepare the Jeffrey Epstein Suite at Rikers for the former president. After the requisite perp walk and mug shot are done for MSNBC, The Lincoln Project, and Marc Elias’s use (but I repeat myself), why wouldn’t Bragg move to slam the former president in a jail cell?


The former president, should he survive, could run his re-election office from his cell. Then the feds and their buddies at Perkins Coie could simply spy openly on him. They could plant a snitch or two who could supply Democrats with oppo-research with him or within earshot. It would be a real money-saver for all of them.

Think this through. Jeffrey Epstein began his lockup at Rikers, truly one of the dirtiest, most disgusting jails in the country. Democrats could make big money in donations from people who paid to parade past Trump as he is put on display like a zoo animal.

The upside? Trump, a notorious germophobe, might even self-destruct while in the Rikers gulag. But wait, there’s a long list of possible money-making avenues for Democrats if they lock up Donald Trump.

Before he was transferred to the Metropolitan Correctional Center where he “killed himself,” Jeffrey Epstein spent time at Rikers. His old “celly” William Mersey, told the New York Post in 2022 that those he “watched over [at both jails] included a prisoner who’d chopped his lawyer’s head off. Jeffrey Epstein turned up [in] July 2019. I had his 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. watch. Unlike Paul Manafort who’d been my celly, was in for 11 months, and could handle it, Jeffrey was scared to death.”

The fondest wishes of Democrats could come true if they could get video or, at the very least, audio of the former president crying for his wife and kids while in the lock-up.


See? This could totally work for the Democrats. Hold on, there’s more.

Mersey said his Rikers job was “five hours mopping floors and sweeping [that] included heaving bags and bags of garbage into loading dock dumpsters.”

Now imagine the fables Democrats and their Leftist leaders could tell if there were photos of Trump lugging big plastic bags.

This is potentially one-stop-shopping for the utter annihilation of Trump! Democrats made up the fake news about peeing Russian hookers. There was never any video, never any photos, never any proof. And the media bought it! The Democrats in the media called him a Russian secret agent with no proof and nearly destroyed his presidency.

Democrats claimed that Trump’s call to Ukraine’s president to get to the bottom of Biden family corruption was an impeachable offense with no proof except the stories from the same people who brought you the Russian collusion fake news.

The fix is in!

And what fun they can have with the former president locked up in Rikers. They get giddy simply thinking about it! Law and Crime could sponsor its own exclusive webcam to create a special Only Fans-type account to engage the Democrats’ most intimate fantasies. Dan Abrams could send out links on his party’s Shareblue lists. Imagine the Democrat subscriptions that would roll in. They’d lock up Trump, and we’d have to pay for the privilege of seeing him every now and again. Even the FSB wouldn’t have gamed out this money-making angle.


Imagine if they got photos of Trump’s sh*t-on-a-shingle or gruel on his lunch tray. Trump, a guy who loves Big Macs and fries, would be grumpy. There would be lots of scowling photos of Trump behind bars. TMZ could leak it to the Democrats. Harvey Levin would make bank. Come to think of it, Trump could be placed near where Stormy Daniels’ shady attorney is serving time for stealing money from her.

Democrats could spy on Trump’s “privileged” visits and communications like the feds did in Washington, D.C. where they locked up their own FBI informants, the Proud Boys. Think of the possibilities for exploiting that political intel for Democrat prosecutors!

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It’s not like the former president is special or anything. He’s a really bad guy. The Democrats have said so for years. They wouldn’t lie to voters.

This is the same lock-up facility that housed Tupac, Son of Sam, and Harvey Weinstein, all of whom were rolled up on actual felony charges. Tupac’s more famous than Trump, and since that equal justice under the rule of law has been long tossed out by the Democrats and by Soros DAs like Bragg, what’s the harm in imprisoning Trump? It’s all for equity, after all.

This would seal the political viability of Trump for 2024, which of course is the New York City DA’s purpose. This is why Trump and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy before him called this spectacle “election inference.” Of course, it is. It’s the sole reason Bragg will attempt to indict Trump, arrest him, and lock him up.


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