West Coast, Messed Coast™: Escape From Seattle Schools Edition

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Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, where normal people are fleeing and those who can’t leave the states are at least ripping their kids out of the poisonous schools.


In the West’s next San Francisco, Seattle, school enrollment has plummeted because parents got a first-hand look at the awful curricula during Zoom school. These are the official numbers from the slavish local media, but one can assume they’re worse in reality.

In 2015 , the district reported a 1.5 percent drop in enrollment but as we got to the pandemic and the years following the enrollment numbers continued to drop, but more significantly.

This coming year, SPS is projecting enrollment at nearly 49,000 , a 7.7 percent drop in enrollment since the start of the pandemic in the 2019-2020 school year.

Here’s one dissatisfied customer who ripped his kids out and wants other parents to have the same ability to do so. This dad responded to teachers’ union poohbah Randi Weingarten, who took to Twitter to discard the idea of funding following the student instead of the school.

I live in Seattle and we left the Public Schools because of the garbage education and the woke indoctrination. Others who don’t have the finacial means deserve the same choice. Covid exposed the garbage public school agenda and only caring about teachers. #MarxistAgenda [sic]

I’m an accountant for an Engineering firm. Seattle School Dist. has injected a SJW into math. Amongst many narratives, they push the idea that seeking a correct answer in math is white supremacy.


Naturally, West Coast, Messed Coast™ liberals pushed back on this man’s opinion, claiming he needed to provide “real data” and “some specifics,” as if this hasn’t been constantly in the news. Another parent provided the obvious:

If you are the parent of a white, Asian, or Hispanic child, the Seattle school district has made the education of your child a low priority. SPS says black boys are top priority. Black girls are also left out. This is CRT racism: SB 5044.

Here’s hoping these West Coast parents have their affairs in order.

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Perhaps West Coast, Messed Coast™ parents are pulling their kids out because schools more and more seem to be the testing ground for creepy groomers. Seattle radio colleague Jason Rantz reported that Bellingham, Wash., school board director Jenn Mason, who owns the WinkWink sex shop, is holding a “sexual anatomy for pleasure” class for children as young as nine years old.

A controversial school board director is again raising eyebrows, this time for conducting a sex-education class for children as young as 9 years old at a sex shop. The class includes a focus on “sexual anatomy for pleasure,” “kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities,” and “gender and sexual identities.”

Jenn Mason is a sex educator and owner of WinkWink, which bills itself as an all-ages, “identity-inclusive sex shop” in Bellingham. In addition to the sex products, Mason offers 50-minute sex coaching sessions. She’s also the school board director for the Bellingham School District.


Sure, and the Right has the domestic terrorists.

Elsewhere on the West Coast, Messed Coast™, a group called the Oregon Moms Union is calling on the Oregon School Boards Association to get out of the national school board association. You’ll recall the national group. They’re the ones who worked with the Department of Justice to investigate, label parents as domestic terrorists, and arrest those who raised their voices at school board meetings. “The members of the NSBA and Oregon School Boards Association seem to have forgotten that these ‘domestic terrorists’ are many of the voters who elect school boards into office,” said MacKensey Pulliam, president and co-founder of the Oregon Moms Union, who vowed to defeat these weirdos at the polls if they don’t get out of the tainted school board group.

Speaking of fleeing, it took a few days but we now know where Gavin Newsom escaped to for vacation. As PJ Media’s crack reporter Rick Moran discovered, Newsom fled his West Coast, Messed Coast™ to vacation in Montana this summer. It’s a lovely place, of course, but as Rick points out, Montana is on California’s no-go list because of their LGBTQIFAFO policies. Twenty-two states are on the California no-go list for various reasons that are not approved by the Leftists who have ruined the Golden State.


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So, Governor French Laundry busted his own rules again, as many people pointed out on Twitter, among them the California Senate Republicans.


California’s GOP just found out that their supposedly “tough on crime” candidate for attorney general wasn’t being entirely forthcoming on his abortion views. It turns out that in true West Coast, Messed Coast™ fashion, Republican Nathan Hochman has the same abortion views as the guy they want to depose in the next election, which is abortion on demand up to the moment of birth.

It’s not likely to come up much in the AG’s office, but influential political writer Stephen Frank is apoplectic about it, calling Hochman the hypocrite of the year.

Antifa rioters attempted a take over of the venerable Blues Festival on the banks of the Willamette River in Portland over the July 4th weekend. People were rushed, pushed, and hurt. Black bloc-clad Antifa “protesters,” as the local media called them, then went on a window-smashing spree. This BLM activist watched attacks on cars and drivers leaving the festival and called out the Antifa “bullies.” Language warning. You’ll need your kevlar earmuffs for this one.


Finally, in our West Coast, Messed Coast™ report,  if you’re wondering where this non-stop flow of Antifa rioters comes from, it turns out they’re growing their own. As I reported this week in PJ Media, the Antifa summer camp for kids is back on this year.

The fourth-through-eighth-graders who are invited to the camp are given handbooks of chants to scream at protests, encouraged to start their own protests, shown art techniques on how to tag buildings, and told where all the top riot spots are in the city.

Black Lives Matter bromides and “black resistance” techniques are taught in a handy coloring book. “Undoing the harm of colonization… by giving back to the earth that gives to you,” is naturally taught by virtue of encouraging … gardening? “With our seed balls, we are going to feed the bees that pollinate our food.” How is gardening an act of anti-colonization? No idea, but you’re a racist if you don’t get it.


It gets worse.

Until next time, West Coast, Messed Coast™ readers.


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