'Alito Doesn't Give a Damn' About Popularity, Just the Constitution: Former SCOTUS Clerk

Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool

What did Justice Samuel Alito think when his draft abortion decision leaked to the press this week? If you got a chance to ask him, he would likely admit to being angry that someone close to a justice broke the inviolate confidentiality rules of the court. But a former Supreme Court clerk has an additional suggestion for how Justice Alito is feeling right now.


Leftist temper tantrums are happening outside the fenced Supreme Court building and even LA erupted into violence.

Now, protests are planned by a radical pro-abortion mob in front of the home of each justice named by a Republican president, planning to screech, scream, do “art,” and “peacefully” protest outside their homes. And they’ve invited friends. The coven of activists called Ruth Sent Us doxxed all six GOP-named justices and send out maps leading directly to their homes for every manner of crackpot, anarchist, BLM, and Antifa terrorist to feel free to bomb those “fascists.”

It’s literally obstructing justice, according to a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Mike Davis, a former U.S. Senate advisor to the Judiciary Committee and now with the Article III Project, wrote, “it’s clearly obstruction of justice, under the U.S. Code, to send protesters to federal judges’ homes to attempt to influence their decisions on pending cases. It is also very dangerous — even deadly — to reveal the home addresses of federal judges.”


Davis told me on Seattle’s KTTH radio that Justice Alito is tough and will not be bullied.

He’s incredibly smart. What’s good about justice Alito is he does not give a damn about public opinion nor should he. As Supreme Court justices they have lifetime tenure, they have pay protection. They’re intentionally insulated from public opinion because their job is to protect minority rights to protect all of us, giving equal protection under the law, all due process of the law, even the unpopular among us. Especially among us. So he doesn’t give a damn about the polls of the American people. He’s the perfect person to draft this opinion.

Davis says Alito’s draft opinion is “brilliant.”

Too bad the screamers outside the Supreme Court building and justices’ now fortified homes haven’t read it.


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