Imagine a World Without Media and Big Tech Lying About Hunter Biden's Laptop

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Here’s a thought experiment: How would your life be different today if the legacy media and Big Tech hadn’t combined to censor and/or mischaracterize the Hunter Biden laptop story?

Censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story by itself was enough to tip this close election to Joe Biden, according to polls on the matter.

This effort to lie for Joe Biden was separate from the other efforts by the media and Big Tech to influence the election in favor of Joe Biden. Those other efforts included flooding the zone with unasked-for mail-in ballots and the half-billion-dollar effort by Facebook and other Democrats to infuse county election offices with cash and personnel to create Joe Biden turnout machines.

According to the poll commissioned by the Media Research Center after the election, 16% of Joe Biden voters would have switched their votes if they knew he was linked “to a corrupt financial arrangement between a Chinese company with connections to the Chinese Communist Party that was secretly intended to provide the Biden family with tens of millions of dollars in profits.”

The New York Post notes that another poll found that eight percent of voters would have supported Trump if they’d known about the corrupt dealing.

As it was, the legacy media not only covered up bad news for Biden, they intentionally suppressed good news from the Trump Administration, such as news about energy independence, the largest economic recovery in the history of the country, brokered peace deals between Arabs and Jews, and eleven million new jobs created, to name just a few of his accomplishments.

A fair question to ask is if your life would be any different if the mainstreams and Big Tech had been honest about the laptop story and the actual, very real, FBI investigation into Hunter Biden. Let’s go over a few items that would not have happened under Trump but did happen under the disastrous presidency of Joe Biden.

Would 13 American servicemen and women who died at the airport in the disastrous bug out from Afghanistan be alive today? Would hundreds, or maybe thousands, of Americans and friends be running from the Taliban after being left behind? Would Saudi Arabia and China be discussing selling oil in Chinese yuan, undermining the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency? Would Iran be on the precipice of getting nuclear weapons? Would we now be stampeding our way to World War III under Trump?

And what about the COVID-19 lockdowns our “betters” want us to forget? Donald Trump wanted to end lockdowns by Easter of 2020. He fell into line behind Tony Fauci and the Scarf Queen, poured untold billions in the effort to kill the Wuhan-based bug, but just how long would that have lasted? My guess is that he would have paid attention to his new home state of Florida and used that as an example of what to do for the entire country. And it would have been sooner than later.

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Would parents have been dragged off at school board meetings as a result of collusion between the Education Department, School Board Association, and the Department of Justice?

Would Bloomberg News be advising those making $300,000 a year and under to replace their meat intake with lentils? Advising them to let their dogs die because it’s cheaper than treating them for cancer? What’s next, advice on eating zoo animals?

Would millions of cartel-carted illegal aliens, would-be terrorists, drugs, and sex trafficking victims have been brought over the southern border?

Would you have $7/gallon gas right now? Would Trump have begged for more oil from the world’s despots like Iran, Venezuela, and Russia? Incontrovertibly no. He wouldn’t have had to since we were a net energy exporter during Trump’s presidency.

And do you want a laugh? For all of Joe Biden’s bowing and scraping to AOC and her green new deal, we read in laptop emails that Hunter, with dad’s approval, was negotiating a liquified natural gas (LNG) blockbuster deal, not for America’s benefit, but China’s.

The legacy media lied about, censored, and covered up the story inside the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Big Tech, playing on the same team as the media, censored it too. They did so without even siccing their fake fact-checkers on the material, though they thundered that they would. Where’s the fact check, Facebook?

Trump isn’t the most likable guy in the world, but at least he likes America and acted like it. He had plenty of missteps and didn’t denounce the Capitol Building riot as quickly as I would have preferred. Fair enough. But I’ll take mean tweets any day over this disastrous presidency.

It didn’t have to be this way.

If only we had a media and their Big Tech buddies who didn’t lie, we might still have a guy in charge who liked America.


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