Seattle Antifa Leftists Target TV Reporter for Telling the Truth About Drugged Out 'Homeless'

AP Photo/Richard Vogel

The homeless industrial complex apparently has an army.

Antifa activists want a piece of a Seattle TV reporter who has held up a camera to show how drugged out and destructive homeless people in the downtown area have gotten. Seattle basically has a hands-off policy on drug possession and the homeless, who simply want to smoke their rent and live in a tent while everyone else cleans up after them.


KOMO News reporter Jonathan Choe has reported on the destructive behavior. Now he’s being threatened by Antifa and other far-Left activists for doing his job.

The Post Millennial reports that Antifa social media accounts have openly conspired to “make Jonathan Choe so widely hated that he physically cannot film in the city.”

“He needs to know he has eyes on him at all times,” they wrote. “He needs people to get in his face when he comes all the way from Mukilteo to sh— on our city. This isn’t a game.” Indeed, they’ve sent people to follow Choe when he shows up to report on the slums of Seattle’s Third Avenue. The PM reported Antifa accounts stated that Choe “can’t be allowed to roam around the city unchecked.”

Here’s one of his recent videos showing a bakery storefront becoming an open-air drug market.


The bakery just announced that it was closing. The owner told Choe, “due to concerns for our employees – we have no choice but to shut down our bakery. Criminal activity is running the city. This is a major emergency, and instead of approaching this as such – all politicians do is just talk.” After a shooting on Seattle’s Third Avenue, the McDonalds announced that it would close temporarily. They’re not the only ones leaving town.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo reports that Antifa stated they “need to do to Choe what Portland has done to Ngo.”

Ngo has been defamed, beaten, and targeted by Portland Antifa members who have called for his murder.


Recently, they inexplicably blamed Ngo for the shoot-out between Antifa and a man in Portland. The group also blamed police for failing to protect the cop-hating group from a notorious biker gang.

Choe constantly asks City Hall what they will do about the conditions in downtown Seattle and on the West Coast, Messed Coast, that apparently makes you public enemy number one.

We’ve reached out to Choe for comment and will keep you posted.


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