'Sayonara, Sucka!' Bravo's Andy Cohen Celebrates Mayor de Blasio Leaving Office on Live NYE Broadcast

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Andy Cohen is probably best known for breaking up fights between botoxed, boob-jobbed, and boa’d housewives on Real Housewives reunion shows, which I watch avidly. For the last couple of years, however, the “Bravolebrity,” the moniker Bravo network calls its stars, has stood next to his buddy– former CIA intern, “summer camp for billionaires” goer, Vanderbilt heir, and TV host Anderson Cooper– on CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration live from New York City!


Cohen became co-host after the truly awful Kathy Griffin was fired four years ago from what had become her dirty, unwatchable regular NYE gig. Don Lemon’s drunk singing was routinely funnier and less gross than Griffin. Really.

You’ll recall the “comedian” thought it would be a real knee slapper to do a photoshoot holding the dripping, bloody, severed head of “Donald Trump.” When no one laughed, she blamed the photographer. But even the suits at CNN, who were at the same time peddling the utterly nonsensical Trump-is-a-Russian-secret-agent scam and were explicitly trying to crash his presidency, weren’t having it. No one’s seen her since.

Enter Andy.

While Andy and his favored drag queens — actual ones, not Real Housewives — put on quite a show on NYE, there have been times when Andy has shelved his well-known political Leftism and spit some truth. Usually, it takes a few shotskis.

Indeed, Cohen, doing a Twitter walk-of-shame, said he’d been “overserved” before his burn-it-all-down tirade.


The Watch What Happens Live host and Housewives executive producer must have had some powerful stuff in that glass of his because he went after outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hard, mere seconds after the mayor danced for the last time with his wife as mayor of America’s most populous city.

The wasted Cohen laid waste to the outgoing mayor, fuming: “Let me tell you something. Doing his victory lap dance after [eight] years as the crappiest term of the mayor of New York.” Cohen mistakenly said de Blasio had been in office for four years even though he’s been reelected twice. Perhaps Cohen has more people to talk to.


The slurring Cohen wasn’t done with his hilarious outburst, which co-host Cooper tried gamely to rein in, appealing to the camera that “he’s dancing as the city comes apart!’ and remarking that”the only thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been. So, sayonara, sucka!”


Actor Adam Baldwin asked an apparently chastened Cohen what he was making excuses about: “Um, what did you say last night that was untrue, Andy?”

Ben Domenech, a Fox News contributor and co-founder of The Federalist, is also married to an honorary Bravolebrity, Meghan McCain. Domenech said, “Look, Andy just had some extra courage juice and said what we were all thinking.”

Over to Meghan McCain, who told him, “f**k DeBlasio, you were speaking the truth.”

Opinion columnist Rita Panahi noted that it was the “second year in a row a drunken Andy smashes the hopelessly incompetent Bill de Blasio.”


The Left, for the most part, had its panties in a twist, with one Karen lecturing, “Andy should apologize. Offensive to all – including the New Yorkers who voted for diBlasio [sic].” Sounds like a personal problem, lady.

Cluck, cluck went this woman, who whined that Cohen hadn’t been censored: “That is so offensive. Why would they have not cut to something else? Who really needs to hear this as we ring in a new year and in OUR CITY! Classless.” Ok, hon.

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Then there was this Lefty, who condones shaming people into mask wearing: “Over-served or not – you were awesome as always! Loved ringing in 2022 with you and Anderson Cooper. Pretty sure you 2022 know we are sick of this [poop emoji] and it’s time for life to get its act together.”


This journalist had to agree, saying, “I mean, he’s right.”

It’s doubtful Cohen will be canceled for this outburst of honesty. His Bravo programs are infused with Leftist narratives and storylines. He’d have to endorse Donald Trump or something to even out the political scales.



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