Wisconsin Gov. Puts National Guard on Alert Before Rittenhouse Verdict – Something He Didn't Do for 2020 Riots Until It Was Too Late

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers was slow to call out the National Guard in the summer of 2020, when Kenosha was burning and President Donald Trump was offering to help, but he’s called them out now in advance of the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.


Rittenhouse was among several men and women who answered the call to secure a business called Car Source on the third night of riots that largely destroyed two other company locations. Police kettled the rioters, who were marauding in the streets, setting fires, beating people, and attacking a kid who came to help—17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

By the time it was over, three men had been shot after they attacked him.

Instead of doing his job, Evers, who apparently was too busy counting Antifa and BLM votes, left the policing to an overmatched Kenosha Police force.

After the shootings, he sent in the Guard to stop the violence.

Channel 3000 in Wisconsin reported that, last summer, “Evers deployed National Guard troops to the city following a violent night of protests during which Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two of them.” [emphasis added]

Conservatives, including Wisonsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, have never let him forget it.


Already, the usual rabble, who started rioting after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, have begun making threats to the public and the jury in the Rittenhouse case if they don’t come to the right decision.

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Many on the Left have called Rittenhouse a vigilante, but what do you call threatening a town and its people if the justice that is served doesn’t meet with the mob’s approval?

Evers says he’s scrambling 500 National Guardsmen and women to help.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations in the Rittenhouse case on Monday.

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