Rittenhouse Judge Apparently Loves the USA and the Left Wants Him 'Removed'

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial judge, Bruce Schroeder, has allowed political dog whistles into his courtroom that secretly telegraph messages to the jury to find the 18-year-old not guilty on all charges. And it’s bad. Real bad.


That’s what some internet sleuths divine from the judge’s cell phone ring tone and tissue box, anyway.

Sure, these are the same people who may not have watched the trial or know the facts of the case, but those hardly matter, now do they? A person who obviously loves the country has no place adjudicating a court case involving crazed, communist rioters!

Indeed, “Uncovering the Truth” revealed that Schroeder, during periods of downtime during the trial and out of view from the jury, reads about cookies recipes.

Stop. The. Presses.

Here is Judge Bruce Schroeder reading a cookbook during testimonies. Then, the Judge’s phone range in the middle of the Prosecution’s line of questioning. Also, his ringtone was Trump’s rally theme song, “God Bless the USA.” This is what bias looks like. #KyleRittenhouseIsGuilty

Here’s another moment when the judge communicated his secret message to the jury.


Don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize that song from that scant few seconds of music.

The Left was on the case and identified it immediately.

You’ll want to sit down for this.

The song was “God Bless the U.S.A.,” a tune that President Trump uses for his rallies. Of course, it’s been a famous song for nearly 40 years, but the Left thinks the former president made it famous. Poor, unappreciated Lee Greenwood.

This Twitter user believes that the judge’s ring tone was “BREAKING NEWS” and tainted the jury. He must be “REPLACED”!

BREAKING: Judge Schroeder’s cellphone ringtone was audible during the trial – and it was “God Bless the USA” – the same song Trump plays on stage at his rallies…

Retweet if he needs to be REPLACED for showing BIAS that favors the Defense? ✋

Let’s remember the offensive, dog-whistle chorus to the song.

And I’m proud to be an American
Where at least I know I’m free
And I won’t forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me
And I’d gladly stand up
Next to you and defend her still today
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land (love this land)
God bless the U.S.A.

The Left was triggered.

Well, was it an “accident” or a diabolical plot to inculcate the suggestible jury members with messages about the love of country? This cannot stand! That’s prejudicial!


This person should not be around sharp objects after hearing the ring tone, exclaiming, he’s “not even trying to hide his bias!”

The judge has been caught making this white supremacist motion with his fingers.

And The Nation reported that the judge was a straight-up racist.

Isn’t it true, your honor, that you possess a tissue box festooned with an antiqued-looking American flag?

Judge, did you not call lunch choice on Thursday “Asian food”?

And, worst of all, how dare your honor veterans in your courtroom before the trial … on Veteran’s Day.

Lower the gavel. Case closed.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Thomas Binger has been intentionally sending messages via his lapel pins.


He likes Sherlock Holmes.

He’s a Star Wars fan.

An indecipherable message here.

Is anyone calling to replace him?

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