And Just Like That, Washington State's Fire Marshal Will Lose Job Over Forced Covid Shot

Washington State Fire Marshal Charles LeBlanc (Image via LinkedIn)

The Washington state fire marshal will be out of a job on October 18, the date that Governor Jay Inslee has ordered state employees to get a Covid shot or lose their jobs.


The marshal, Charles LeBlanc, a 33-year-veteran of the agency, says the state has granted him a medical exemption from getting the shot, but that it can’t “accommodate” the exemption.

As PJ Media reported, LeBlanc sought a doctor’s opinion about whether or not he should get one of the shots.

Washington state’s fire marshal is set to lose his job because he refused to get a shot due to having a preexisting condition.

“I’m following my doctor’s recommendation, which is to not get the vaccine. Contrary to popular belief, there is a percentage of people in our population who simply cannot get the vaccination.”

Fire Marshal Charles LeBlanc told KING 5 News that he was given a medical exemption and “the request was accepted, but I cannot be accommodated.”

Why can’t he be accommodated?  Ask the lawyer who came up with that legal contrivance.

The state, naturally, is being sued over the forced medical treatments and the precious few exemptions being given to state employees. There’s no testing alternative. The religious exemption alone is being targeted by civil rights attorneys at Liberty Counsel, who characterized Washington state’s religious test as not just unconstitutional, but “ludicrous.”


But there’s something more going on here, as you may have guessed. In September, LeBlanc joined with hundreds of other state employees in a lawsuit against the governor’s mandates, calling them “overly severe, punitive, and unconscionable.”

In all, 600-state troopers, medical personnel, fire fighters, ferry boat workers, and other state employees are suing Inslee for violating state emergency powers, circumventing the state Administrative Procedures Act, lacking state legislative approval to mandate vaccinations, and for violating the “life, liberty, and property,” free speech, privacy, freedom from discrimination, and other rights contained in the Washington State Constitution.

One wonders if those plaintiffs will be without jobs in one week or if the governor will blink.



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