Portland's Antifa-Loving and Police-Hating DA Vies for 'Worst Prosecutor of the Year' Award With His Latest Move

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Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt is considering charging another Portland police officer for hurting an antifa militant at the height of the George Floyd riots on August 31, 2020. The same DA dropped a felony assault charge and other misdemeanor charges against the same rioter – an antifa “medic” — who punched the same cop.


That’s right, the cop is being investigated and may face charges, but the perp will not face any charges for the same incident.

Welcome to dysfunctional Portland, where the cops are always “criminals” and the criminals are always “noble” “anti-fascists.”

Schmidt was elected with the George Soros-like help of Shaun King and entertainer John Legend, and he acts like it. With this latest move, he may yet win the fictional “worst prosecutor of the year” award, which heretofore has had a permanent place on George Gascon’s desk.

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It can be credibly argued that Schmidt’s charging decisions and the continually changing rules of engagement for police during riots led to that confrontation between the protester and police officer on August 31.

The DA has blood on his hands from failing to pursue charges against violent protesters — a veritable rogue’s gallery of thugs.

Schmidt freed a Black Lives Matter rioter who had tried to kill two Portland police officers.

He refused to prosecute Michael Forest Reinoehl, an antifa “security” guard, on a weapons charge for resisting arrest or for interfering with a police officer. Reinoehl later assassinated a Trump supporter on the downtown streets of Portland only two nights before the August 31 incident. The “100% antifa!” triggerman hunted down the Patriot Prayer member and lay in wait for him, shooting him at point-blank range. The case has since faded from the national consciousness and media mentions, naturally. Reinoehl died in a shootout with police in rural Washington state after President Trump sent in federal law enforcement to track him down.

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Two nights later, after a riot had been declared and antifa and BLM rioters were told to leave, the antifa “medic,” Tyler Cox, was tackled by a police officer. He punched the cop, knocking off his riot helmet, and the officer punched him back. That’s all we see on the video taken by videographer Sergio Olmos, who worked for Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) at the time. Olmos is one of the few media members antifa allowed to video their antics.

After Cox knocked off the officer’s helmet and after the cop had punched him, Cox complained, “I’m not fighting you!”

The video does not include any context to tell us what prompted the incident, except that rioters were ordered to disperse and didn’t do so.

When Tyler Cox,  the “medic,” isn’t punching cops for antifa, he’s a nurse at Oregon Health & Science University. Makes you worry about your fate if you’re a well-known conservative who has to go to the hospital, doesn’t it?

As readers are undoubtedly aware, antifa and Black Lives Matter “peaceful” rioters burned, looted, and assaulted Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers and attacked government buildings with explosives starting in May 2020 following George Floyd’s death while in Minneapolis Police custody.


The riots continued for months in 2020, according to the PPB’s own riot calendars.

Portland antifa riot timeline
Portland timeline of protests and riots after the death of George Floyd.

Not content with protesting local cops, antifa and BLM members rioted against Minneapolis cops … in Portland. Local buildings were burned because of what happened in an entirely different city with an entirely different police force. No matter, however. Haven’t you heard that “all cops are bastards” (ACAB)?

Rioters were so grief-stricken about what happened to Floyd in a completely different city that they looted and burned the Portland Apple Store — twice. A Nike store was looted at least as many times and Portlanders were able to buy Louis Vuitton merchandise on the cheap on the black market after the Portland store was sacked by the no-justice-no-peace crowd. Whose store? Our store! Whose stuff? Our stuff!

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And the riots continue in 2021.

Portland antifa riot timeline
Portland Police Bureau timeline of protests and riots in 2021.

Schmidt recently brought a misdemeanor assault charge against another officer on the Portland Police Bureau’s riot squad. Sickened by the charge, the duplicity, and the “blame cops first” mentality from city leadership, the PPB riots squad members quit en masse. In addition, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office deputies, who backed up Portland cops during riots, are reported to have quit their riot squad, as well, in solidarity and disgust.

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OPB reports that nurse Cox and his attorney — yes, he’s lawyered up — are agitating for the cop to be prosecuted. The better to support a potential payday from the city’s insurance policy.

“Tyler Cox was assaulted by a police officer,” [lawyer Joe] Piucci said.

On Aug. 31 after Cox was arrested, he was taken to OHSU’s emergency room and later to jail. He was charged with assaulting a public safety officer, a felony, and three misdemeanors including resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Those charges were dropped in November, records show.

Cox told OPB in September that before he was released from jail, a police sergeant told him that he had punched the officer.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, well, you punched him. So you assaulted the officer,’” Cox said. “And I was like, ‘I punched him? What are you talking about?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, it’s all on video. We got all the evidence.’”

Meanwhile, videographer and reporter Andy Ngo, beaten several times now by antifa, has never had one of his assailants arrested or prosecuted, though Ngo has provided evidence and filed police reports multiple times.

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That’s Portland justice.



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