Police Investigate Portland Antifa and BLM Armed Militants Who Blocked Traffic in Armed Checkpoint

Antifa traffic blockers. Photo credit Portland Police.

The Portland police appear to be handling the antifa/Black Lives Matter traffic armed checkpoint outrage with something approaching seriousness.

It’s about time.


On May 5, 2021, antifa and BLM activists commandeered a street in North Portland and proceeded to hold an impromptu march. The group illegally took over part of the street, with no notification to drivers approaching the area. The militants had no permit to take over the street, which means they should have relegated their march to local sidewalks.

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Instead, they frightened motorists with an armed checkpoint of the kind that U.S. troops have seen operated by ISIS, Al-Shabaab, and al-Qaeda.

Two drivers who happened upon the mob were ordered out of their vehicles at gunpoint. One of the drivers, who was dragged out of his car at gunpoint as his tires were flattened, was “escorted” from his car by militants who bragged on video that they were giving him “aid.

Nearby neighbors cheered on the beatings from their front porches, according to one of the victims.

Another man was taken to a local hospital trauma unit when he tried to drive on the street out of the way of the protesters.

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His truck was blocked from the front and back by car-driving militants and their marching comrades armed with AK-47s and AR-15s. It’s illegal to openly carry loaded long guns in Portland.


Police, who responded only when called by one of the victims, couldn’t tell PJ Media whether the multiple guns were loaded.

In fact, cops were tight lipped about the case and broke their near-silence only on Memorial Day weekend – more than three weeks after the attacks – when they tweeted out the photos of suspects.

Of course, you saw some of them here first.

During the height of the rioting in the summer of 2020, Portland’s newspaper of record announced that it would no longer show mugshots. As it turns out, antifa agitators were upset that antifa-watcher, journalist Andy Ngo, began putting antifa mugshots on social media.


His in-depth reportage about antifa got a man believed to be Ngo nearly killed in Portland over the Memorial Day weekend.

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The Oregonian announced its policy of no mugshots at the behest of the “fact checkers” from the Poynter Institute because, gee, no one really looks at them. Plus, they said it was totally racist. The paper said it might show mugshots from only heinous crimes or when police need help finding bad guys. Left unsaid was that the decimation of downtown Portland and constant lawbreaking didn’t count as heinous, apparently.

To illustrate the story, The Oregonian used the mugshots of the four police officers arrested in the murder of George Floyd. I know that because I looked at the mugshots. That makes me a unicorn at the Poynter Institute, I guess. Apparently Andy Ngo, I, and antifa are the only ones who look at mugshots. Weird.

But back to the bad guys holding armed checkpoints of innocent Portlanders.

The victim, who was sent to the trauma unit, told PJ Media he thought antifa and BLM would kill him that day. He pulled his licensed concealed-carry gun to force them to move. Militants again responded by pointing their rifles at him while another militant jumped him.


Several assailants took turns beating the crap out of him.

During the beating, antifa and BLM terrorists stole his truck keys so he couldn’t leave – holding him against his will –  and they also stole other legally-possessed weapons he had in his truck. In the very likely event they use those guns in another illegal act, the victim would be blamed under Oregon law, if he doesn’t report the guns stolen using identifying serial numbers.

So far, the victim tells me the police haven’t charged him with anything – yet. There’s time. Portlanders have been taught to expect that anyone who defends himself – previously known as the victim – is usually one locked up.


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