The People’s Republic of Oregon Imposes First Vaccine Passports and Conscripts Businesses and Churches to Do Its Spying 

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It has come to this. Oregon health officials have approved the rollout of vaccine passports, requiring houses of worship, employers, and businesses to check the vaccine records of adherents, employees, or customers in exchange for being able to take off their masks indoors.


That’s right: in order to gain freedom from masks indoors, Oregonians must show their papers to prove they’ve complied with state’s unique and oppressive plan to get more people vaccinated. Presumably, people unwilling to show their papers will be reported. Businesses and other entities under the new rules will be “investigated” if they’re found breaking the rules.

Liberal feminist Dr. Naomi Wolf was in Oregon the day the vaccine passports were imposed. She’s recently labeled vaccine passports tyrannical and called it straight-up discrimination.

Sad day in history. I am in Oregon and May 19 2021 OR became the first state in the union to demand businesses, houses of worship, discriminate against citizens based on vaccine passports. Join the fight to end this: DailyClout Five Freedoms campaign is meeting w OR legislators.

The Washington Examiner reports that the Oregon Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) and other state agencies will enforce all of the new guidance. OSHA spokesman Aaron Corvin explained that employers brushing off the diktat also would be investigated.


We expect employers to comply, whichever route they take – allowing the vaccination exemption or sticking with current requirements. We will take and investigate complaints alleging employers aren’t requiring face coverings for example or checking vaccination status.

No governmental entity requires vaccine passports. But this reflexive authoritarian response coincides with Oregon Democrats’ desire to be first in the race to total tyranny. The new rules were announced even though Oregon’s new COVID caseload dropped by more than half in the last week, so they seem an upside-down response to the facts on the ground.

The same day the passports were announced, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), with the blessing of Governor Kate Brown, also ordered that all people inside K-12 schools, jails, hospitals, and homeless shelters must wear masks, regardless of papers. 

This is considered “progress” for progressives. 

State Senate Republican leader Fred Girod told The Washington Examiner that the last time he checked, America was still a free country. 

Vaccine passports are completely contrary to Oregonians’ sense of privacy. This kind of dictatorial control over the everyday lives of Oregonians must stop. 

After marking a good swath of Oregonians with a big “u” for unvaccinated or unwilling to comply with the new passport program, the head of OHA, Dr. Dean Sidelinger, told The Oregonian that he hoped people won’t “cheat” by forging vaccination passports.


We hope that Oregonians will not lie or cheat and put others at risk by forging a vaccine record if they aren’t vaccinated. 

He says businesses will not be expected to authenticate the passports, yet puts the responsibility for checking for vaccine records squarely on the businesses.

Sidelinger said that restaurants or other businesses allowing customers tor employees to go mask-free indoors “need to institute a system where individuals can share their vaccination status.”

“Sharing” is the new tyranny.






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