Biden to Release Terrorists Including UBL's Guard, Al Qaeda Bag Man, and KSM Aide from GITMO. But Look Who's Still in Jail.

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Amid all this talk from Democrats that the January 6th Capitol riot was “another 9/11,” it’s odd that they’re now perfectly fine in releasing some of the very aiders and abettors and terrorists of the actual 9/11 attack. It also seems inexplicable that the  Biden administration would release actual terrorists while holding some of the people from the Capitol riot for months for what is tantamount to trespassing.


But here we are in Joe Biden and his party’s version of American Just-Us.

The New York Times reported this week that Biden’s lawfare group has cleared three terrorists to be released from America’s Guantanamo Bay terrorist lock up. Remember now, former Attorney General Eric Holder and other lawyers in his Obama-era DOJ were among the terror bar defending GITMO terrorists. Please also note that many if not all of the terror bar would never consider defending the Capitol trespassers or rioters. They have their standards. Sniff.

And just who are these people “cleared” to get out of the facility at the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after close to two decades in prison?

Let’s spin the wheel on the Terror Tote Board, shall we?

First up is Saifullah Paracha. Reporters like to point out that he’s 74, old, and suffering from diabetes and other ailments. But back in the day, there were no impediments to the wealthy business owner allying himself with Al Qaeda (AQ) and putting all of his formidable businesses into the service of the 9/11 terror group.

Paracha was an Al Qaeda bagman and terror plotter, and met with Usama bin Laden in the fall of 2000, while later pretending not to know what Al Qaeda was.

What a kidder.

The physicist, who counts A.Q. Khan as a friend and mentor, offered his textile company to Al Qaeda to bring in chemical and other WMD to the U.S. He proposed AQ would just slip their WMD chemicals (he preferred sarin gasses) into his company’s containers. Easy peasy. If your mind is fuzzy on who A.Q. Khan is, he’s the guy who created nuclear weapons for Pakistan and aided and abetted the crazy Kim clan in North Korea to do the same.


But wait, it gets more interesting. Reading from his formerly secret terror rap sheet we find that he offered his broadcasting company to give AQ as a place for its propaganda, you know, like CNN is in America for the Democrats.

He is considered to be a high-value enemy combatant.

So unfamiliar with terrorists was Paracha that his own son was sent to the slammer for material support to … wait a second … terrorists. 

Uthman Abdul al-Rahim is a 40-year-old terrorist who’s been in GITMO since 2002. His is a story in which I’m quite sure American special operators would be interested, if they haven’t tattooed it on their brains already.

Uthman hails from that Middle Eastern cradle of democracy, the failed state of Yemen.

Uthman was a guard for Usama bin Laden – heard of that guy? – and was with him as part of the “55th Arab Brigade” at  … Tora Bora.

His brother is a proud member of Al Qaeda and his friends pulled off the bombing of the USS Cole in the Yemen port of Aden, 13 months before 9/11.

As you might expect, he’s considered to be a high-value inmate with high-value intel.

And the guards at GITMO just “love” him. One of his favorite tricks is doing “inappropriate things with bodily fluids.”

But, really, what possible kind of skullduggery could a 40-year-old terrorist get into if he’s freed back to his old hometown?


It would be totally cool, right?

If you thought UBL’s guard at Tora Bora was a big catch wait till you hear about our next bad actor on the Terror Tote Board. Let’s give it a spin.

We land upon 54-year-old Abdul Rabbani who’s a good buddy of – wait for it – Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), his fellow GITMO inmate.

But those two go way back. Maybe even as far back as Operation Bojinka. But for sure long enough to help KSM plan the – maybe you’ve heard of these – the 9/11 attacks.

Rabbani hit the Muslim lottery by being born in Mecca and worked a store selling trinkets to Hajj tourists, but “greatness” called. The sixth-grade dropout moved to and attained citizenship in Pakistan. Eventually, he found himself a new line of work, hoping to matriculate from the Khaldan Training Camp operated by – aw, you guessed – Al Qaeda.

When he was tossed out for smoking he was picked up by another Al Qaeda operative, Majid Khan, who soon may be released, who asked Rabbani to cook for his Karachi Al Qaeda safe houses. He would go on to cook for some of the “greats” of Al Qaeda, including KSM, Ramzi bin al Shib, Usama bin Laden, Abu Haf al-Masri, the military leader of Al Qaeda, and Aiman al-Zawahiri, who currently leads what’s left of Al Qaeda. He served the USS Cole bombing mastermind.

Eventually, he became an operator himself, according to his terror rap sheet, and helped the 9/11 hijackers move between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


The Biden Administration is willing to let people go who plotted and/or gave aid and comfort to those who killed Americans in a terror attack.

And this guy, who burst into the Capitol, got a police escort, and looked ridiculous doing it, is still in jail.

Yep. Just like 9/11.


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