After a Year of Riots, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Vows to 'Take Our City Back from Antifa.' Color Us Skeptical.

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Last summer, as antifa and BLM rioters attacked the downtown Portland federal courthouse, set fire to the police union hall, hurled IEDs, blinded cops with lasers, and destroyed the Apple store, Mayor Ted Wheeler joined them. But that’s when President Donald Trump was in office and demanded Wheeler do something about the destruction. Wheeler tried to be the Jacob Frey-like cool mayor. Trump was the problem, not the misunderstood rioters, naturally.


But this time after the refurbished Apple store was again set on fire by rioters, and hours before the Derek Chauvin verdict was read, Wheeler put the city under a state of emergency and announced that, with the help of the public, he would “take back our city from antifa.”

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In a video Wheeler released, but did not put on his Twitter account, the mayor struck a new tone.

Our job is to unmask them, arrest them, and prosecute them.

Forgive us if we’re just a little bit skeptical.

Blinded to the truthful axiom of “that which gets rewarded gets repeated,” the trustafarian mayor, whose office windows literally look down on antifa destruction, has allowed the violent mob to ply their trade with impunity for the past year. He’s previously denounced the violence, but his flaccid words and weak denunciations have never been followed up with serious action. They were understood in the same manner they were delivered – “Come on you guys, I really mean it this time! If you don’t do what I say, I’ll tell mom!”


But now that police officers have retired in record numbers or left in droves for worse pay but better mayors; now that he’s personally been attacked; now that business owners are screaming at him – again; and now that the district attorney’s office has become a revolving door for the violent mob, Wheeler has taken an unusual step and asked Portlanders to turn in antifa.

Wheeler encouraged the public to report people dressed in black bloc attire, get the license numbers of their cars, and drop a dime to the cops.

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The Oregonian reported that the mayor expressed disgust over recent vandalism and arsons.

“They want to burn,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said. “They want to bash, like they did to the nonprofit Boys and Girls Club in Northeast. Really they want to intimidate. They want to assault.

“If BLM leaders can show the courage to stand up to this mob, then we all should. … Make a stand and take our city back,” he said.

Our job is to unmask them, arrest them and prosecute them,” he said.

“When somebody attacks a church that serves the LGBTQ community and homeless populations, they’re going to talk about it,” he said. “When somebody attacks the Boys and Girls Club, which focuses on youth of color in our community, they’re going to talk about it.”


It’s unclear what Wheeler meant by “BLM leaders standing up to the mob” because BLM is part of “the mob.” Here’s the daughter of the BLM leader who also runs the Portland sister organization standing next to her mother in front of a crowd explicitly saying:

“There’s no f*cking such thing as peaceful protest. That is an exercise in All Lives Matter bullsh*t, and it’s not gonna stand. There is no peaceful protest! …Black lives matter, f*ck the peaceful protests.”

So there’s that. Here’s the video.

Apparently Wheeler just noticed that it seems to be the same people doing the destruction over and over and over again.

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On April 17, antifa arsonists set the police union on fire again. This time, someone turned in the woman believed to be the arsonist. Antifa watcher Andy Ngo reports that the 18-year-old antifa activist is a journalism major at the University of Oregon.


Alma Yesenia Raven-Guido shouldn’t worry about her journalistic prospects after her college career. Her arrest and prosecution may be a resume enhancer for the mainstream media.

She was charged with arson and riot but released on no bail.

Wheeler also called on Reed College to expel a student, Theodore Matthee-O’Brien, who is an antifa regular. He was finally arrested and charged with seven riot-related felonies and freed by the George Soros selected district attorney multiple times.

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He is accused of breaking windows at a historic church, smashing the windows of the beloved Oregon Historical Society, and continuing his rampage at the U.S. Bancorp tower, and Nordstrom. As Andy Ngo points out, Matthee-O’Brien was also charged by the feds. But Joe Biden’s Justice Department just dropped the charges.

That’s quite a collection of mug shots, Teddy.


The Willamette Week reported that on Friday, Wheeler called for the prestigious college to expel the senior anthropology major, if and when he’s convicted.

“I noted, for example, that one of the individuals arrested is a student at one of the nation’s most expensive, elite, private universities that happens to be located in our community,” Wheeler said. “If that individual is convicted, I hope he’s expelled.”

“There are ways that our other community partners and institutions can be helpful in making it crystal clear that the city of Portland will not tolerate criminal destruction or violence,” Wheeler continued. “Those who are engaged in it, let’s make it hurt them a little bit.”

In addition to jail time, perhaps restitution would make them “hurt … a little bit” more. If mom and dad can send their 22-year-old baby to one of the most expensive colleges in the country for as much as $75,000 a year for room, board, and eduction, then perhaps Teddy can take out a loan from them to pay for the damage he did. Or, better yet, have Reed front the money for the restitution. They’re loaded.


Friday night, after the state of emergency was extended, protesters marched the streets of northwest Portland where they were cheered on by restaurant goers.

Later, police declared a riot when demonstrators started breaking windows. Again.

The leftist district attorney, he, the keeper of the keys to the revolving jailhouse door, vowed to get tough with the rioters.

Mike Schmidt also put out a video, also not shared on social media, telling antifa and BLM rioters that he really means it this time:

The violence and property destruction we’ve seen in Portland for nearly 11 months now is unacceptable. These harmful and criminal acts do not align with our community values. The First Amendment gives everyone the right to gather and to voice their opinions—whether we agree or overwhelmingly rebuke those beliefs. As District Attorney, I will always defend a person’s right to free speech, but I will not defend nor support anyone who knowingly, recklessly or intentionally destroys property or engages in violence.

Juanita Broaddrick expressed the views of many when she heard of Portland’s renewed get-tough-on-antifa avowals.


This idiot is 2 years, too late.

Wheeler’s emergency declaration extension allows him to: barricade streets, call a curfew, and get help from state troopers and the National Guard.

What are the odds that he actually does it?


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