Nancy Pelosi Celebrates Chauvin Guilty Verdict by Thanking George Floyd for Dying

Nancy Pelosi "thanks" George Floyd; image from video.

Lebron James “was crying,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison was ebullient, and Senator Tim Scott got some facts wrong, but nobody had a stranger reaction to the guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial than Nancy Pelosi.


The Speaker of the House quickly arranged a presser outside on Capitol Hill after the guilty verdicts were read on Tuesday afternoon.

Members of Congress were arrayed behind Pelosi as the House Speaker looked prayerfully up to the sky and, in a voice muffled by her mask, said in her treacly way:

Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice. Your name will become synonymous with justice.

We have no idea why she failed to remove her mask outside. Yes, she’s been vaccinated for COVID.

Of course, the woke crowd around Pelosi begged to differ. In fact, as Congresswoman Cori Bush, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and many others have said, the three guilty verdicts, aren’t in fact “justice.”


But as Ellison said, it is accountability.

Even when the woke mob gets the result it wants it isn’t good enough.

Justice inside a courtroom apparently isn’t good enough for some of the Left now.

The woke mob wants mob justice. Anything less than that might get you a riot or two.


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