'Give It a Try!' Seattle-Backed Homeless Shelter Provides Pipes to Smoke Heroin and Advice on 'Booty Bumping'

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Seattle is a full-service enabler for people on the social fringes, but the Leftists in the city may have outdone themselves with their latest move.

Over the summer Mayor Jenny Durkan enabled the extortionists in Black Lives Matter to take over a neighborhood … or else. We’ve seen how the Seattle city government gave free housing to the homeless so they could use their government checks for drugs.  Now the city is using taxpayer dollars to buy drug paraphernalia. They’re also giving advice on the best practices to get high in case addicts’ veins are compromised.


You read that right.

This goes way beyond clean needle programs.

Seattle radio host Jason Rantz reports in My Northwest that the city-backed Downtown Emergency Service Center’s “low barrier” shelters are now providing advice for the best way to get heroin in their system by providing a how-to guide. They’re actually providing the heroin addicts the paraphernalia to smoke the drug and also to get it into their systems via “booty bumps” – injecting the drug rectally.

Rantz reports that the “low-barrier shelters” say they give advice on “harm-reduction techniques,” which apparently includes showing addicts how to better hide their addictions by injecting the drug rectally.

They even provided helpful how-to posters inside the shelters and encouraged residents to ask them how to rectally inject heroin or smoke it because “smoking is a lower-risk alternative to injection. Give it a try!”


If you thought a “harm-reduction technique” might be to get these addicts off drugs, you’d be wrong.

Rantz reports the city-supported shelter provides an entire panoply of paraphernalia worthy of any “glass shop.”

Resident addicts “can now get 3 kinds of glass — bubbles, stems, and hammers — from case managers [or] any member of the management team.” But you’re only allowed “one kind of each pipe once a week.”

You can, however, get “extra screens and mouthpieces” at the front desk.

“The efforts we make are focused on reducing risks to people engaged in risky behaviors, and helping people make use of treatment that can be helpful to them,” DESC Executive Director Daniel Malone tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

Apparently, the city isn’t scoring the heroin for the addicts yet, unless you count the copious methadone clinics around downtown.

Rantz says the crime rate around the shelters has gone up dramatically. Surprise, surprise. It turns out you need money to buy drugs.

At the DESC downtown Seattle location on 3rd Avenue, Seattle Police responded to 253 reports of assault and 174 theft reports in 2019. All in, this location saw an average of seven single police response calls per day that year, according to KOMO TV. The DESC disputed some of the data. But walk past that location on any given day, at any given time, pre-pandemic, and you wouldn’t feel safe.


Speaking of money, Seattle has nearly doubled its spending for homelessness and the homeless problem has gotten dramatically worse.

Seattle is using some of the same techniques as San Francisco that have been so effective at taming its drug-addled homeless population, which is why they have streets in the Tenderloin caked with vomit, feces, urine, and people sleeping under blankets who don’t appear to be breathing they’re so high.

As we’ve pointed out before, Seattle’s homeless crisis is only getting worse, as KOMO TV has shown in its two documentaries about the problem, “Seattle Is Dying,” and “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle.” 

Now they’re giving out tools to keep homeless addicts in bondage to a disease and taxpayers are funding it.



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