The Only Thing Missing From This Absolute Cluster of a 'COVID Relief' Bill Is $ for Shrimp on a Treadmill. Trump Should Veto It

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As feared, the so-called COVID relief bill is another behemoth Christmas tree offering by politicians spending your money on behalf of Uncle Sugar. This allegedly $900 billion bill ostensibly was written to help people wracked by the economic hit of COVID. It’s anything but. It’s another spendulous travesty and should be vetoed by President Trump – before Christmas. Opening the economy while encouraging best health practices is the appropriate response at this point.  Congress has thrown $3.3 trillion at the problem during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s time to let the people run their own affairs.


The Washington Post calls it likely “one of the most costly bills” ever considered by any United States Congress.


The only thing missing is money for a study of shrimps on a treadmill, a notoriously ridiculous program funded by the infamous Obama-era stimulus bill — a bill that threw money at anything and everything in hopes of jump-starting the U.S. economy after the housing crash of 2008-09.

How serious is this bill? Not very, but it spends serious money on unserious things. Tom Elliott of Grabien points out a few of the ridiculously beside-the-point items in this bill. They’re gobsmacking.

Worried about giving racehorses painkillers? Glad you asked. This COVID relief bill is for you.

The Covid relief bill will make it illegal to give racehorses pain-killers before training or racing


Now, I like horses and all and was horrified by all the deaths of racehorses at Santa Anita race track, but what the hell is this item doing in a bill about COVID relief? Shouldn’t California or a racing commission be dealing with this?

Oh, and don’t worry. The Kennedy Center is getting yet another bailout. Why, exactly? Are they putting on shows right now? How many bailouts does it take to keep the lights on and the development department still working the phones calling on all those rich lobbyists living in the DMV?

And — thank God! — the government COVID stimulus package is there to keep teenagers from hooking up — as if there aren’t dozens if not hundreds of other programs doing the same thing.  And let us take a moment to say thanks to all the HIV workers in other countries by giving them new cars. Funding for this is in the COVID bill. You? Buy used.

President Trump just got us out of the Paris climate agreement, the give-us-money-and-we’ll-talk-nice-about-you environmental stricture. But the fake COVID relief package sets the American public up for a new climate overseer called the “Climate Security Advisory Council.”



Sure. Isn’t it weird how all those “advisory” panels turn their whims into laws?

Thank goodness we’ll finally get to the bottom of the 1908 Springfield Race Riots because the 267,000 results currently on Google simply don’t give enough information.

And just in time to repair those racist congressional representatives is funding for a commission to get them to be not so racist. Why are Democrats so racist?

Trump should veto this terrible book of giveaways.

Look at the whole thing if you dare. Please let us know any other things you see in this bill in the comments section.

Oh, and, I hear the Seychelles are great for hiding money from these highwaymen and women in Congress.


Victoria Taft is the host of  “The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft” where you can hear her series on “Antifa Versus Mike Strickland.” Find it here.  Follow her on Facebook,  TwitterParlerMeWeMinds @VictoriaTaft 

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