Oregon Sheriff's Deputy Investigating Fires Pays Price for Saying Unkind Words About Antifa

An Oregon sheriff’s deputy has been put on leave after he called antifa rioters “motherf*ckers” at the end of an interview with a regular protest videographer who reported antifa sightings in the fire zone.


The word spread quickly that the Clackamas County deputy, who hasn’t been identified, was spreading rumors about the origin of the devastating fires, which have forced the evacuations of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians. But did he? And were those reports so far out of line? Read on.

Law enforcement has been working overtime to allay fears of rural Oregonians that antifa hasn’t been connected to fire-setting in the area. Sightings have been reported but dismissed as ridiculous. They’ve also used valuable time to chase down reports. Even the FBI and other law enforcement agencies say there’s no truth to the rumors or anecdotal reports.

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As I reported earlier on PJMedia, antifa and Black Lives Matter arsonists and looters are featured in the news all the time.  The protesters come to the rural areas, such as Sandy and Estacada, a site of the fires, to label locals as bigots.

Investigations into the fires are just getting underway. Some arrests have been made in Southern Oregon.  A known antifa militant was arrested in Portland for trying to set a natural gas line on fire, which could have killed hundreds if not thousands of people in NW Portland. That’s terrorism.

But Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) reports that Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts immediately apologized and sidelined the deputy.

“As soon as I was made aware of this incident, I moved swiftly to place this deputy on leave while we investigate,” Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said in a statement. “The Sheriff’s Office mission is to provide calm and safety especially during unprecedented times such as these. I expect nothing less of our deputies, and apologize to all in our community.”


Was the deputy spreading rumors or collecting intelligence from a person reporting antifa activity? With other “cop watch” videographers on hand, videographer Bob West, known in protest circles as “Uncle Bob,” traveled to the sticks to give the unidentified deputy information about antifa acting suspiciously. Was it a troll or a real report? The information turned out to be speculation and unfounded, which the deputy established in his interview.

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But it was his depiction of antifa and asking the videographer to keep his eyes and ears open for more information that got him put on leave.

So, seriously, if you get any intel, cuz I know you’re pretty well linked with some of the community, as far as that type of stuff goes, please call us. Um, this is important. I’m gonna say this, antifa mothaf*ckers are out causing hell. There’s a lot of lives at stake, and there’s a lot of peoples’ property at stake cuz these guys got some vendetta.

See my entire transcription of the interview below.

Is the deputy is confirming antifa is fire setting or referring to the rioters in Portland? Obviously, Sheriff Roberts thinks so.

But were reports of antifa thugs in their midst nonsense?

OPB videographer and frequent riot live streamer Sergio Olmos was questioned by armed people who thought he might be an antifa looter, also believes the deputy was spreading rumors.

Here’s another “police accountability” videographer who is frequently at Portland riots whose presence was reported by locals to police.


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In addition to Portland videographers, Olmos, Uncle Bob, “Revolution Daddy” and assorted anti-police “cop watch” photographers arrayed throughout the burn area, OPB also reports that a group of frequent rioters/protesters – a coven of witches – were in the area. The “Witches of PDX” brought a couple of wagons full of goods to help “their community” affected by the fires.

Media call the donations “mutual aid,” adopting the witches’ term for goods brought to their allied “community.”

Oregonians who believe they saw antifa rioters/protester in fire zones, looking entirely out of place and acting oddly, wasn’t exactly codswallop, was it? Such people had been dismissed as liars and rubes. But there were people who fit the descriptions of those riot provocateurs right in their own communities. Some legitimate press, such as Olmos, wore press credentials, but he was harassed.

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It needs to be said that, by design, many antifa militants often wear helmets and other paraphernalia claiming to be press as a cover. It’s understandable that some people who are worried about their burning communities are more than a little attuned to strangers in their midst.

These out-of-place people were reported to police and sheriffs deputies. They weren’t figments of the imagination. They were seen. They looked like the riotous thugs locals see on TV and social media. See something, say something.

At least one sign about shooting looters on sight was seen in Clackamas County.

So was what the deputy said out of line? Read the transcript and watch the exchange for yourself.

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Here’s how the entire 5:16 minute conversation went.

Bob: [There were reports]…that they had guns in the car and said that antifa set barrels on fire in Sandy…?
Deputy: I don’t know that. [Can’t verify]
Bob: They said someone seen it.
Deputy: OK. Are you videoing this? I just want to know. [affirmative from photog] OK, that’s cool.
Bob: What they’re doing is they’re driving around looking for antifa.
Deputy: Your friends are?
Bob: Yeah.
Bob: I also know cuz a guy showed me a video…
Deputy: If you have it. Is it a video showing cars or anything like that?
Bob: No.
Deputy: We’re, we’re, we’re serious about this, OK?
Bob: A guy showed me this video right here.
Deputy: OK, let me get my glasses on.
Bob: Oh, not video, picture.
Deputy: [looks at picture] OK, gas cans and propane.
Bob: Yeah. They found that in a bush.
Deputy: Where?
Bob: I don’t know.
Deputy: Alright, can we find out where?
Bob: Um.
Deputy: Cuz, here’s what I’m worried about – Bob, right?
Bob: Yes.
Deputy: OK, what I’m worried about is people stashing stuff.

Bob: Right
Deputy: It means that they’re going to go in preparation.
Bob: Uh huh
Deputy: And, I don’t want to sound like some dooms-dayer, but, it’s getting serious and we need the public’s help on this.
Other Deputy: People are not going to leave their homes and if this happens, if they start ignighting more fires, people are going to die. That’s not OK. It shouldn’t be OK with anybody on Cop Watch (anarchist anti-cop videographers)
Bob: Hell no.
Other Deputy: … anybody in the world right now. That’s absolutely crossing a huge line. It’s not about politics or anything.
Deputy: [Points to other photographer] Is he with you? Is he part of your group?
Bob: No, I’m by myself. No one’s with me. I’m by myself.
Deputy: Cuz he’s over there mean-mugging me. [Points and says to other deputy] Do you wanna go talk to that guy? Cuz there’s something wrong with him. [Turns to questioner] So if know of anything please get a hold of me. You can video this, I don’t really care. Really, I don’t.
I’ll even show you my name.
Bob: laughs
Deputy: [writes his information for the videographer] Man, cuz, I’m twenty days away, but I still give a shit. And you can get that on tape. And you can play that on camera.
Bob: laughs
Deputy: If you need to spell that out, what guy said it…
Bob: Yeah, I was up there in the hills driving around looking for the fires and also looking for looters.
Deputy: Uh, if you find it, put that camera to work. I want license plate numbers, vehicles, if you can get their face. We want … it’s horrible up here right now.
Bob: Right. And a lot of the people believe that once … if the fire does hit town the sheriffs will be gone and basically it will be whatever peoples here …

Deputy: I wouldn’t be surprised.
Bob: laughs
Deputy: They’ve pulled all fire personnel from the front lines because they’re waiting for this just to explode.
Bob: Yeah.
Deputy: So just for your own safety – I don’t know where you live, I don’t really care – I don’t know what the timeline is on it. It’s serious.
Bob: If it comes here I’m going to stand in the middle of that parking lot right there.
Deputy: Yeah, there you go. So, seriously, if you get any intel, cuz I know you’re pretty well linked with some of the community, as far as that type of stuff goes, please call us. Um, this is important. I’m gonna say this, antifa mothaf*ckers are out causing hell. There’s a lot of lives at stake, and there’s a lot of peoples’ property at stake cuz these guys got some vendetta.
Bob: Right. So what they don’t realize is they come out here, they do stuff out here, right? And when stuff happens downtown more people are like well, hey they came out to our place and burned our place down,
Deputy: Right.
Bob: I’m gonna go downtown.
Deputy: Could you do me one favor? I don’t care if you video this, if you video that – I know your stuff goes live and that’s cool – I’m not, by any means, trying to impede that. Could you at least not video the fire department cuz I want the safety of those guys, right?
Bob: Right
Deputy: The safety of them is paramount. Those are gonna be the ones that when the shit hits the fan there gonna be out there fighting the fire.
Bob: Right
Deputy: And I don’t want any antifa or some other Left wing crazy people, ‘Oh, so that’s how they got all set’ … just don’t give their location, please. They’ve got no dog in this fight except trying to make this fight right. You cool with that?
Bob: I’m cool with that.


Watch the video that got the deputy put on leave.

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