Portland Rioters Set Fire to County Building Full of COVID PPE. Top Cop Begs Them to Stop.

Twitter screenshot (@MilitantMom)

On the day after Night 82 of The Portland Riots™ (looking for sponsors!), the new police chief is begging rioters to please stop because “the world is watching. We are on the national stage right now.”


The only thing he left out was a plaintive wail and a feeble, “I’m not joking, this is my job!

Too late. On night 82 of the riots, police reported a marauding mob of “several hundred” rioters set fire to the Multnomah County Building just across the river from their previous favorite targets in downtown Portland. That’s where the county commission holds its meetings, social services are doled out, and executives with the sheriff’s office and other top executives have their offices.

It also turns out that it’s where the region’s store of COVID-fighting personal protection equipment (PPE) is stored.

Mayor Ted Wheeler weighed in after Night 82 of The Portland Riots™ that he was shocked – shocked – that buildings were damaged. However, the mayor cheered on the protesters, who, if you’re new here, magically become rioters at 10 p.m.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters are rioting, burning, looting, assaulting, threatening, and holding Portlanders in varying neighborhoods hostage while they block streets and throw their anti-government and anti-Trump wingdings. They show no signs of stopping. The riots will likely continue until after the election.

Portland Prosecutor Likely to Drop Charges Against Rioters Who Injure Cops, Citing ‘Instinctive Reaction’ to Police

The domestic terrorists set fire to the Multnomah Building using an accelerant as seen in the video in the second tweet below.

They even placed a target on the window.

The first floor of the building, damaged by fire, smoke, and water is the county repository for specialty PPE for first responders who deal with COVID-19 cases.

Terrorists Are ‘Largely Peaceful’

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury, who characterized the domestic terrorists as “largely peaceful,” gave a non-judgmental, dispassionate assessment of the damage from the rioters who set the county building on fire.

We understand that the demonstration that took place in front of the Multnomah Building was largely peaceful, until some of those who were part of the demonstration broke windows and set a fire in the Office of Community Involvement.

… I’m incredibly relieved that nobody was in the building at the time. The broken glass, smoke, and water is limited to the first floor, where, since COVID-19, much of our region’s personal protective equipment [PPE] is being collected, distributed to our hospitals, and to our community members. If the fire had spread, or that life-protecting equipment had been damaged by smoke and water, then healthcare workers, patients, and seniors would have paid the price for the actions last night.


Those “largely peaceful” protesters are helping set the target and providing cover for the rioters.

Kafoury did not report that any of the PPE was harmed by fire, smoke, and the resulting water from the fire sprinklers.

Virginia Cops Charge State Senator and Other Democrats With Felonies in Statue Toppling That Nearly Killed a Man

My guess is that people who set buildings on fire with people inside don’t much care about paper products getting burned up, but Kafoury attempted to appeal to the terrorists and assure them that she’s on their side.

Kafoury said that rioters have caused $1.3 million in damage to three county buildings that were attacked during the 82-day reign of terror during The Portland Riots™. Because of Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s connections with the radical Left and his vow not to prosecute most of the rioters, they will never be required to serve time or pay fines to compensate for the destruction.

In fact, Kafoury approves of this approach.

We as a community are seeking sweeping and transformative change in our criminal justice and safety systems. I am committed to building a system focused on equity, diversion, restoration, and support. … This county has been a part of a violent and tragic history of oppression. … I am committed to doing the work that it requires to achieve transformational change.

Our community needs to work with us and that includes those who have been protesting for weeks to demand racial justice, police accountability, and a more equitable society.

Multnomah County is committed to the re-imagination, the reflection, and the hard work it’s gonna take to get us there and we can do that when we work together.


Or, she could hold everyone accountable to the same laws using the same expectations and the principle of cause and effect. Tomato, tomahto.

Imagine ‘Antifa Ballot-Harvesters.’ It Isn’t Hard To Do.

Rioters have marauded throughout the city, using the publicly-funded parks as staging areas for attacks on police precincts, the federal courthouse, and now, the Multnomah County Building.

The Elections Office Is Just a Few Blocks Away

What makes this target so troublesome, however, is its proximity to another building just a few blocks away: the county elections office.

antifa targets Portland
Google Maps screenshot.

As I speculated on PJMedia before, it’s eas,y to imagine antifa and Black Lives Matter™ rioters interfering with the upcoming election.

Is it really such a stretch of the imagination to consider that people who threaten the lives of dozens of people living in a Portland apartment building, who barricade doors to lock police in as arsonists set a building on fire, and who shoot ball-bearings at people won’t jack you up for a ballot? How vulnerable is an apartment manager with keys to hundreds of mailboxes? How about their antifa buddy who works at the post office?

People who riot, maim, and assault strangers on a nightly basis will think nothing of organizing mobs to plunder the post office, using their handy IEDs to blow up election receptacles, stealing bags of ballots, using their hacker contingent in all manner of criminal activity to steal votes or extort people.

Can you imagine a planned riot outside the elections office or any collection spot in the days leading up to Election Day? In Portland, there have been nearly 80-straight days of rioting. What’re 80-plus more days? They won’t starve. Besides free food from Riot Ribs and “supporters,” Uncle Sam bankrolls some of these criminals. People like the Thomas Jefferson statue-destroyer in Portland gets a government check. What’s a few more days on that COVID-extended unemployment payout, right?

If antifa and Black Lives Matter™ are willing to beat, harass, bomb, and attack armed police officers, should regular citizens expect different treatment?


I put the question of the elections office security to the Multnomah County spokeswoman Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, who says they have considered the question and believe they have tough measures to keep the vote safe.

Members of the public can be assured there are security measures and precautions in place at the Multnomah County Duniway-Lovejoy Elections Building. The Elections Building is one of the most secure public buildings in the County — that includes internal and external measures.

Let’s hope she’s right. There’s a lot of damage that can be done between now and November 3rd.

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