Imagine 'Antifa Ballot-Harvesters.' It Isn't Hard To Do.

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Think about the potential for antifa “ballot-harvesters.” Even before Saturday, when Congresswoman Ayana Presley called for more riots and “unrest” on America’s streets over mail-in ballots and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) funding, I worried about the mob and your ballot.


“Ballot-harvester” is a term for a person allowed to pick up someone else’s ballot and, in some cases, fill it in and take it to the polling place, elections center, or post office. See the list of states below and their rules on other people “harvesting” your ballot. At least 27 states allow someone else to handle your ballot.

In 2018, in Orange County, Calif., an entire congressional delegation in that reliably rock-ribbed conservative area was lost due to ballot-harvesters collecting and, in some cases, filling out ballots for others. Democrat ballot-harvesters used illegal aliens to collect the ballots of citizens. They held “ballot parties” at large companies and went door-to-door. We have no idea what happened to all the ballots, since there are no chain-of-custody records.

Start With Chaos, Add Mob, and Voila!

In Oregon, ballot-harvesting has simply consolidated the Democrats’ one-party-rule that all-mail-in balloting ensured in 1998. With one exception, no Republican has been elected to statewide office since the inception of vote-by-mail in 1998. And that exception was against an unusually corrupt Democrat who was behind the “Sweetcakes by Melissa” outrage.

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Like California, Oregon allows political parties to see in near-real-time who’s voted and who hasn’t. Harassment and voter impersonation follow. There’s no way to know how many voters are impersonated because no ID is required and no one checks.


According to the California Election Integrity Project, Los Angeles County processed 90% of all the state’s last-minute, provisional ballots – 40% of all U.S. provisionals. All you had to do was see who hadn’t voted yet and call your guy in LA to cast the ballot.

Things are already a total cluster in Virginia where – oopsie – the “nonprofit”  third-party “Center For Voter Information” just happened to send out a half a million vote-by-mail applications that went out to … well, who knows? To add to the confusion, they were directed back to the wrong address.

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Remember the Washington State governor’s race with all the last-minute provisional ballots crammed in at the last minute? That wasn’t a mistake. Remember the “found” ballots – miraculously just enough to put Democrat Christine Gregoire into the governor’s mansion?

Wisconsin and Al Franken? Those found votes and felon ballots? These shenanigans are still happening in Wisconsin.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The New York primary. The New York primary who? We have no idea who because it is so screwed up.

The Chaos Is Intentional

This was as intended. Chaos. Confusion. Overwhelming the system.

Voter participation, the rationale Democrats promised for vote-by-mail, has gone down or remained roughly the same in Oregon. There’s no net gain in participation with vote-by-mail. That is a chimera. But it sure is easier to hustle the system.


Now, take that overwhelmed system with all its problems and add the mob.

Can you imagine antifa collecting ballots on behalf of the Democrats?

I can.

Ever seen SEIU at a Tea Party?

Here were antifa and Black Lives Matter™ rioters the other night in Portland talking to people watching the chaos from what they thought was the safety of their upper-floor apartments. Unfortunately for them, their apartments are attached to a police station.

Antifa and BLM™ rioters to apartment dwellers:

“We know where you live.” “We’re gonna burn your building down.”


Imagine Planned Election Riots and Exploding Ballot Receptacles

Is it really such a stretch of the imagination to consider that people who threaten the lives of dozens of people living in a Portland apartment building, who barricade doors to lock police in as arsonists set a building on fire, and who shoot ball-bearings at people won’t jack you up for a ballot? How vulnerable is an apartment manager with keys to hundreds of mailboxes? How about their antifa buddy who works at the post office?

People who riot, maim and assault strangers on a nightly basis will think nothing of organizing mobs to plunder the post office, using their handy IEDs to blow up election receptacles, stealing bags of ballots, using their hacker contingent in all manner of criminal activity to steal votes or extort people.

Day 70: Portland Woman Attacked as She Stands Up to Antifa Trying to Set Precinct on Fire

Can you imagine a planned riot outside the elections office or any collection spot in the days leading up to Election Day? In Portland, there have been nearly 80-straight days of rioting. What’re 80-plus more days? They won’t starve. Besides, free food from Riot Ribs and “supporters,” Uncle Sam bankrolls some of these criminals. People like the Thomas Jefferson statue-destroyer in Portland gets a government check. What’s a few more days on that COVID extended unemployment payout, right?

If antifa and Black Lives Matter™ are willing to beat, harass, bomb, and attack armed police officers, should regular citizens expect different treatment?

Recently in Minneapolis, where the police department is being dismantled and “reimagined,” people were told to obey antifa and Black Lives Matter™ protesters and rioters if they didn’t want to end up in the hospital or the morgue.

Not convinced?

There’s harassment in broad daylight and not a cop in sight in Portland.


Nightly riots occur, where innocent people are harassed, threatened, and assaulted.

Where There Are Riots Ballot Harvesting Is Allowed

Riots, looting, and arson have plagued Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, New York, LA, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, Columbus, Madison, Albuquerque, and several others.

Just for grins and giggles, let’s check the state ballot-harvesting protocols for these places, compliments of the National Conference of State Legislatures.  

I’ve already explained about the loopholes in California and Oregon, but it bears repeating that there are no limits on the number of ballots a  public employee union member person may “harvest.” Oh, there are rules, of course. For example, when you set up your ballot-harvesting mega station, say at a nursing home community or grocery store parking lot, you have to have a sign, which includes this phrase in 50-point font: “NOT AN OFFICIAL BALLOT DROP SITE.”  There are no rules about filling out someone’s ballot.

Portland Prosecutor Likely to Drop Charges Against Rioters Who Injure Cops, Citing ‘Instinctive Reaction’ to Police

In Washington state there appear to be no rules. None. Good luck with that, CHAZ, CHOP, Antifastan, Seattle. Ditto with New York. Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules.

In Minnesota, where the riots began, ballot-harvesters are limited to three ballots. But nobody requires identification, so the total number of ballots anyone can turn in is basically a multiple of three.


Illinois has a rule that, besides dead people routinely voting, people in nursing homes and other residential care facilities may have a friendly SEIU union member staffer help you out and take your ballot.

Missouri made me go to the dictionary to figure out what its rules are. “An absentee ballot may be returned in person by a relative of the voter who is within the second degree of consanguinity [the fact of being descended from the same ancestor] or affinity.” Come on, maaan, I never said I was Skip Gates. 

In the District of Columbia, anyone can register for an “emergency ballot,” but the person who takes it to the election receptacle must be “an authorized agent” and you must have a very good excuse for sending someone else to do your job.

In Georgia, ballot harvesters are limited to ten ballots and only for people in the hospital, disabled or illiterate. Gee, only ten? Denver has a ten-ballot limit for ballot harvesters, too.

In Houston, ballots are required to be put in a “mailer envelope” and, uh, mailed. The only person who can vote a ballot in-person is the voter. No ballots are accepted by persons other than the voter during the election period.

In Arizona and Ohio, only family members are allowed to harvest a ballot, but no signature or identification is required.

Wisconsin has no rules and New Mexico requires a caregiver, family member or other person to bring in a ballot whose outside envelope was signed by the voter.

To Conclude

To conclude, in every single city, except Houston, where there’s been rioting, ballot-harvesting is legal to one extent or another. The connection isn’t dispositive of a thing and we don’t know what will happen in November. Maybe the rioters will have burned themselves out by then like the national case of herpes these people are, but remember, ballot harvesting is a largely un-or-under regulated, unchecked way of collecting massive amounts of ballots without any questions being asked.


And it sure makes you wonder about ballot security, planned riots, exploding ballot receptacles and those antifa ballot harvesters, doesn’t it?

Try to look surprised when it happens.


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