Explosive College Recruiting Video on BLM Shows Why 'Wokey McWokeface' Needs Not Apply

Well, what do you know? A college that is as tired as you about how America’s colleges and universities have become literal factories for cranking out offended-nistas.


At this college there are no trigger warnings, safe spaces or boys in the girls’ showers.

Indeed, New St. Andrews College, a small school of about 200 students in Moscow, Idaho, is becoming known for its outspoken student recruitment videos, some of which are hilariously in your face in promising no coddling and no safe-spaces – just “clarity of thought.”

Though it’s gotten blowback for its recruiting videos recently, including for one called “Boys Will Be Boys,” about the politics of bathrooms, New St. Andrews College promises parents and incoming students only that it offers a traditional liberal arts education based on Christian values, using “dead teachers,” in a “riot-free” atmosphere.

Students and teachers are also are meeting in person this fall “free of masks, plastic wrap, Zoom classes, government money, and ‘safe’ spaces.”

But nothing is quite as in your face as this latest New St. Andrew’s (NSA) recruitment video, which features a discussion of Black Lives Matter, woke-ness, white supremacy and the sacredness of life.

No “Wokey McWokefaces” need apply. Indeed, they might be triggered by simply watching the video “Why Black Lives Matter” (see it below).


The video begins with a discussion of George Floyd and how his life mattered as well as the lives of millions of other black children who were killed in the womb.

The two-minute and 16-second video uses photos of the victims of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who killed babies after they were born and has been sentenced to life in prison for it.

We know this black life matters, but why doesn’t this one? We believe that all these black lives mattered. And (showing baby from Dr. Gosnell photos) tens of millions of others did too.

We believe that each and every human life matters, because regardless of culture or color, we’re made in the sacred image of almighty God, which is the only possible reason why any life could matter at all.

But there’s a lot more. Showing still photos of President Woodrow Wilson, abortion advocate Margaret Sanger, Andrew Carnegie and more, the video delves into why some black lives don’t matter to population-control zealots.

We believe that secular progressive white supremacists have been running a vile, genocidal, population control campaign in America that has straddled centuries. Trying to keep them from life, from adulthood, from power. From stable families and communities. And that matters.

We believe that the organization, Black Lives Matter, registered trademark, is a Marxist front that doesn’t care about black lives even half as much as an average white, pro-life, fly-over, Trump-voting, evangelical.

Every single black life matters, from conception to the grave and beyond into eternity.

That is God’s truth. And it’s a helluva lot more than BLM can say.


One must appreciate the guts it takes to be in the education space, filled with wokeness, gender “studies” and other “progressive” fields of study, and be unabashedly traditional in scope and Christian philosophy and then shout it from the rooftops.

NSA President Benjamin Merkle told PJMedia that the response “has been largely very positive. A lot of people feel like we are saying what they think but what no one else will say.”

It’s true. Imagine Harvard putting out a video like this one. Don’t bother trying, it never would. It’s even hard to imagine the schools in the Christian College Consortium producing anything this bold in standing up for their beliefs out of abject fear of offending anyone and hurting their bottom line.

While those places are staying in their self-made bounds of propriety, NSA is going in the other direction.

Merkle said that this video and the others like it aren’t only about recruitment, but empowerment for other colleges and those who would unthinkingly bend a knee “to Baal”:

“The college campus is what has been broken in America for some time, and nobody has been willing to notice or address the problem,” said Merkle. “That is why we are currently looking at a generation of students that have not been trained to think clearly and can so easily be swept up by Marxist ideology. We wanted to show that there was at least one knee out there that has not bowed to Baal.”


“If Christian colleges aren’t ready to be bold in this moment, there isn’t much of a future for them as distinctively Christian schools,” he warned.

I asked him if he’s getting more interested students and he said web traffic has been up but that won’t necessarily translate into new students. Mainly, the full-throated message he’s sending is to stand up to the rage mob and tell the truth. That hasn’t always gone over well.

“We’ve had a lot of people get upset,” he explained. “We had the mayor of our city also write an editorial in our local paper denouncing us. But I’ve seen a bunch of our alumni be really supportive. And my board is very behind us as well.”

And if the rioters come calling? “I’m not worried about physical safety.”

Watch the video yourself.

Why Black Lives Matter

New Saint Andrews College: teaching you to think clearly in unthinking times. In person. This Fall. https://nsa.edu/fall2020

Posted by New Saint Andrews College on Thursday, July 2, 2020


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