LA Mayor to Open Beaches—But There's a Catch

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Beaches in Los Angeles will re-open on Wednesday, which will come as good news to surfers, swimmers, joggers and walkers.

The indulgence one must pay to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the privilege of walking or jogging on the beach, however, is to follow the edict that the people who own the beaches of California must wear a mask.


“We’ll have to pay a lot of attention to what that means in a county with as many people, with 10 million people,” county health director Barbara Ferrer said at a news conference Monday. “Like, are we able to keep our beaches from getting crowded? Are we able to keep people moving? Are we able to have all of us wear our face coverings when we’re going to and from places where they’re going to be other people?”

Like New York, the LA County hotspots for COVID-19 deaths are in nursing homes.

KTLA TV reports 47% of all COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County are in nursing homes, and half of the cases in the entire state are in nursing homes and probably more.

With L.A. County accounting for roughly half of all coronavirus cases and deaths in California, officials emphasized that the reopening process will be slow-going and include restrictions to deter massive crowds, which by extension will hopefully curb the virus’ spread.

But everyone else on the beaches of Los Angeles must wear a mask while walking or jogging in the relatively fresh air beaches of LA. Inexplicably, Garcetti had no requirements to wear a mask and socially distance while in the water.

Gee, where does that stand up paddle boarder go to get his reputation back?


KTLA TV reports there are more provisos for being allowed back on the beach,

Beachgoers must also wear a facial covering when out of the water and around others, as well as maintain six feet of physical distancing from others outside of their immediate household, the department said Monday.

To discourage sunbathing, gatherings and picnics, people will not be allowed to lie or sit on the sand, nor will they be able to bring items such as coolers, umbrellas and canopies.

Parking lots will remain closed, as will bike paths, piers and boardwalks.

Under Governor Gavin Newsom’s list of things one may do outside, people may meditate outside – he’s such a generous dictator – but they may not sunbathe on the sand.

We can’t imagine what meditation on the sand would look like.

If you hear of any please let us know.

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