Four Southern California Counties Start Declaring Independence From Wuhan Virus and the Governor


California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that his state will be reopened to business activity slowly but that now is not the time.

Still, businesses in four southern California counties have begun declaring independence from the Wuhan virus and from Newsom.


Golf courses in Riverside, Ventura County, will begin allowing golfers to head back out to the course this weekend. Orange County will open golf courses soon. Golfers will play in foursomes and adhere to social distancing. No food will be served on the premises. Ventura County, home to Simi Valley, Oxnard, and Camarillo, has pronounced that gatherings of four or more in one place are illegal. Exercising will be allowed outside, however. Riverside County has ordered golfers to wear face masks. No caddies are allowed and only one person is allowed to be in a golf cart.

Hikers, bikers, horseback riders, and tennis players in Ventura County can resume their activities as long as masks are worn.

Operators of the Mt. Baldy ski resort in San Bernardino County have chosen to reopen, offering probably the last chance to ski before summer sun turns the snow to mush. The resort announced that social distancing measures would be enforced:

Similar to how a golf course operates Mt Baldy will check-in a maximum of 4 individuals at 10 minute intervals. … In stark contrast to a golf course (150 acres), Mt Baldy Resort (800 acres) has more than 4x the area and will be operating at less than 10% of occupancy under this plan.


The ski resort requires face masks to be worn at all times.

Car dealers will be able to sell a car to a single live person in Ventura County as well.

People 75 years old and older are still ordered to stay home in Ventura and “non-essential” travel is forbidden.

We’re still waiting for them to reopen the vast expanse of ocean to surfers and swimmers.

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