After Impeaching Trump Over It, NOW Adam Schiff Admits Hunter Biden Had Conflict of Interest

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Adam Schiff just acknowledged that Hunter Biden’s job with the Ukrainian company, Burisma, looked shady. No kidding.

This, after accusing Trump of asking the Ukrainians to investigate the same shady dealings, but cloaking the alleged request as an impeachable political scandal. Lawd.


The junior Biden, as you probably know all-too-well, was placed on the board of the energy holding company when his father was vice president and in charge of looking into Ukrainian corruption. Instead, Hunter Biden ended up with a cushy, practically no-show gig on the board. He made over a million dollars a year.

Schiff finally acknowledged to political operative David Axelrod on his podcast that the junior Biden’s shady dealings had the “appearance of a conflict that should be avoided.” Hear his comments below.

Of course, the Trump family is measured by an entirely different standard. As Lara Trump said on “Fox and Friends” Friday morning, when Donald Trump became president, her husband, Eric, and Don, Jr., halted any future international deals because it looked bad:

“None of us in our family have been left out of anything. If anything, it’s been quite the opposite. And when the president was elected, my husband and Don made a choice to completely get out of any new deals, foreign deals, just to make sure that there was no image of impropriety, not even the slightest, faintest touch of that. The opposite happened with Hunter Biden. You saw he got into international business and foreign deals when his dad was vice president. Yet, we are constantly hit on our side. People are constantly making up things and saying we were wrong. None of us have done anything wrong, but of course you expect them [Joe and Jill Biden] to defend him. I just think the hypocrisy is glaring here.”


Listen to Schiff’s comment here:


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