Antifa Vandals Target Nancy Mace's Home, Mocking Her Faith

YouTube screenshot of Nancy Mace recounting vandalism at her house.

On Tuesday morning, Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) woke up to find her house vandalized with pro-union graffiti, messages attacking her faith, and an anarchist symbol often associated with antifa.


“I woke up this morning to my house being vandalized last night. You can see they spray-painted in black, ‘Pass the PRO Act,'” Mace said in a YouTube video recounting the vandalism.

The vandals also appeared to have targeted her faith. “They also spray-painted ‘No gods, no masters, all politicians are bastards’ with antifa markings on it,” Mace added. The congresswoman is a Christian.

In a separate message on the street, the vandals spray-painted, “F**k you, Nancy!”

F**k you Nancy Mace antifa graffiti
YouTube screenshot.

“What pisses me off, what makes me so angry is that this is the house that I live in with my kids, my two kids,” Mace said. She has two children with her ex-husband Curtis Jackson, whom she divorced in 2019. “My kids aren’t even safe on the front porch of their own home.”


“We can disagree politically, but vandalizing somebody else’s property is wrong and it’s illegal,” she concluded.

This vandalism took place about a week after an unknown assailant mailed a package with white powder and a death threat to Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) private home in Kentucky. “I’ll finish what your neighbor started you mother f***er,” read a message with the package. The message referred to the neighbor who cracked Paul’s ribs and gave him pneumonia.

It remains unclear if any antifa-affiliated groups have taken credit for the vandalism. Mace said the police are investigating.


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