Who Does He Think He Is?! White BLM Protester Uses the N-Word to Slander Black Cop to His Face

Twitter screenshot @Julio_Rosas11.

As Black Lives Matter protesters gathered outside the White House in Washington, D.C., on Monday, demonstrators yelled at police and one white protester dared to demonize a black cop, calling him a “piece of sh*t” and a “b**ch a** n***er” to his face. Townhall’s Julio Rosas caught the disturbing footage.


The protester predicted that police will be so hated in American society that members of the black police officer’s own family would condemn him in the harshest terms.

“Your child is gonna tell you you’re a piece of sh*t,” the Black Lives Matter protester screamed in the black police officer’s face. “Your mom is gonna tell you you’re a piece of sh*t. And if your mother doesn’t, I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for your family. You’re a piece of sh*t.”

“You’re a piece of sh*t. You really are. You really are. You’re part of the f***ing problem. And I hope to f*** that your children treat you the way you deserve to be treated,” the angry white protester shouted at the black cop.

When another police officer attempted to calm the man down, the white protester accused the black cop of “putting his hands” on him.

“Tell this b**ch a** n***er to stop putting his hands on people,” the white protester shouted.

Defiant, he continued, “Have I touched this man? This man put his hands on me.”


Townhall’s Julio Rosas also caught footage of two white women screaming at the police, asking, “How the f*** do you sleep at night?!”

While Americans are rightly furious and disgusted by the stories of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, police who have nothing to do with those heinous killings do not deserve this kind of vitriol. Hatred like this will only drive Americans away from the increasingly unstable and destructive George Floyd riots.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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