Jonathan Turley: Impeachment Claims Against Trump Also Condemn Obama's Fast and Furious Stonewalling

Former President Barack Obama speaks at the University of Illinois campus in Urbana, Ill., on Friday, Sept. 7, 2018. (Stephen Haas//The News-Gazette via AP)

On Wednesday, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley warned the Democrats in Congress that if they impeach President Donald Trump for withholding evidence from Congress, they would also effectively condemn former President Barack Obama, contradicting Obama’s claims during the Fast and Furious scandal.


“Part of the problem is that to bring a couple of these articles, you have to contradict the position of President Obama,” Turley, the lone Republican-called witness on a panel of Democrat-leaning legal experts, said.

“President Obama withheld evidence from Congress in Fast and Furious, an investigation — or rather moronic program — that led to the death of a federal agent,” he explained. “President Obama gave a sweeping argument that he was not only not going to give evidence to this body but that a court had absolutely no role in determining whether he could withhold the evidence.”

If President Donald Trump committed an impeachable offense by stonewalling the Democrats in Congress during the impeachment hearings, then Obama also committed a similar impeachable offense in Fast and Furious.


Regardless of Turley’s testimony, it is likely Democrats will include this kind of process crime in the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. If so, journalists should ask every Democrat who votes for impeachment why he or she did not call for Obama’s impeachment.

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