Tammy Bruce: 'We Will Have a Woman President, and She Will Be Conservative'

President Hillary Clinton, seen here performing her signature "I point, they die" gesture. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

In a segment about the forthcoming book from Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton entitled The Book of Gutsy Women, Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke with Tammy Bruce, president of Independent Women’s Voice. Bruce made an inspiring prediction.


Speaking about the elitists Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, Bruce said, “they are, of course, an example of what is not feminism, what women should not become, and that is why Hillary Clinton did not win.”

Then she made the prediction: “And we will have a woman president, and that woman will be conservative, and she will do a good job being the president.”

Carlson concurred. “That’s a prediction that is likely to come true,” he said.

Conservatives who protested to the idea of Hillary being the first woman president may be denounced as sexist, but it arguably would have sent the wrong message about the kind of woman who could become president. Should the first woman president be a slimy corrupt politician who rode her husband’s coattails into the White House? A woman who allowed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — who was not even a member of her own party! — to push her in an openly socialist direction?


No, American women deserve a more inspiring first woman president, a woman who champions the good in America and does not seek to fundamentally transform the country. A woman like … Nikki Haley?

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