'F**king Terrible Person!' Angry Student Who Punched Pro-Life Protester Charged With Assault

YouTube screenshot of a pro-life protester getting socked in the jaw.

On Tuesday, the pro-life organization Created Equal posted a video showing a young female college student physically assaulting a pro-life protester. Police confirmed that the student who punched the pro-life protester in the face will indeed be charged with assault.


On April 2, a pro-life protester with Created Equal set up a poster depicting the gruesome reality of abortion — an unborn baby violently killed — at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. While these posters are controversial among the pro-life movement, displaying them does not justify violent attacks against the protesters.

“Did y’all put these up?” a woman asks in the video. As soon as the man confirms that he did, she rushes in, punching him in the face multiple times and hitting him in the stomach. She concludes by yelling, “F**king terrible person!”

“You’re a terrible person. You — this is not okay! This is not okay! This is not okay! Shut the f**k up right now!” she kept yelling. “This is wrong! This is triggering! You’re not an innocent human being. You’re a terrible person.”

The protesters called the cops and told her to stay on site. The police confirmed she will be charged with misdemeanor assault.

Created Equal has documented incidents of violence against members of the team: a liberal student stole and vandalized pro-life signs in Indiana last October; a masked man attacked a pro-life sign with a club in Ohio in September 2016; an angry man assaulted a pro-life activist at an Ohio high school in May 2016; and an angry woman yelled at a young boy and kicked a pro-life sign in Columbus in July 2014.


Most of these cases involved graphic pro-life posters showing aborted babies. These posters do display the truth about abortion, but many pro-life activists oppose displaying them in this way because it incites anger and many say these posters are unlikely to convince people. Created Equal argues that these posters do convince people, and they have videos that seem to support that contention.

“The police did charge the student with non-aggravated assault,” Mark Harrington, president of Created Equal, confirmed to PJ Media on Tuesday. “The video was never released until now. We have a call into the prosecutor to see if there is any action on the case.”

He also promised that Created Equal will release another video on Thursday, “showing another UNC student getting arrested for stealing our signs.”

Watch the video below.

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