Feminist Website Launches 8-Week 'Healing from Toxic Whiteness' Program

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If you think President Donald Trump is a racist and feel “confused, anxious, and angry with yourself and others around racism,” has Everyday Feminism got a deal for you. For the low, low price of $97, and over the short, short time of eight weeks, you can solve your internal racism problem and learn how to stop a racist president!


No, I’m not joking. The liberal website Everyday Feminism has launched a program named “Healing from Toxic Whiteness,” in order to free white people of their internal racism and heal their confusion, anxiety, and anger about racism. Interestingly, the program’s website does not try to explain how a radical view of white supremacy everywhere will decrease anxiety, or how being trained in protesting for “social justice” will decrease anger.

“Trump’s presidency has shaken white people’s understanding of racism to its core,” the site explains. “It’s revealed what many people of ncolor [sic] have known and been naming for generations — that the US has deeply normalized white supremacy and is built on a foundation of systematic oppression.”

The “Healing from Toxic Whiteness” program promises to help white people realize their own internal white supremacy and heal from it. Here’s how the website explains “toxic whiteness:”

Similar to toxic masculinity, toxic whiteness is something that was created by white supremacy and done to white people. Toxic whiteness is not inherent to white people. However, white people are unconsciously conditioned to perpetuate and be complicit with white supremacy while not even realizing it. And while white people materially and socially benefit from racism, they are also emotionally harmed by it – which is rarely discussed and therefore makes it harder for white people to realize how they’re being manipulated by systemic racism. That’s why it’s important for white people to free themselves from this toxic whiteness in order to begin developing an anti-racist white identity.


Yes, these people believe that “white people are unconsciously conditioned to perpetuate and be complicit with white supremacy while not even realizing it.” Does this involve the alleged “whiteness” of universal Western principles like human rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence? Buy the class, and find out!

Here’s a look at the curriculum:

Module 1 – A Framework on How White Supremacy Emotionally Harms White People

Module 2 – The Cyclical Journey of Healing from Privilege

Module 3 -The Compassionate Activism Approach and First Practice of Noticing Toxicity and Acknowledging Multiple Realities

Module 4 – The Second Practice of Humble Curiosity and Gentle Mindfulness

Module 5 – The Third Practice of Compassionate Self-Accountability and Radical Education

Module 6 – The Fourth Practice of Compassionate Truth-Telling and Consciousness-Raising Inquiry

Module 7 – The Fifth Practice of Shared Envisioning and Compassionate Non-Cooperation

Module 8 – Bringing It Together and Into Your Life

Module 9 – Top Questions Answered

Module 10 – Bonus Guided Exercises

Don’t worry, the class is entirely for white people, so everyone in it will be just as guilty of unconsciously supporting oppression as you! The website explains why the program seeks to train a group of whites only, with one colored teacher:


If white people do not process their emotional struggles around racism, they often remain stuck in them and are unable to appropriately take action to address it. It’s also important for white people to do this healing work within a community of like-minded white people in order to create a new way of relating. Having a separate anti-racist healing space for white people, led by a person of color who can hold them accountable, is important foundation for white people doing anti-racism work.

In addition to laying out the need for the program and the ideology behind it, the website also quotes satisfied trainees. One praised the program, saying it “allowed me to let go of my sense of guilt, entitlement, and all that goes along with ‘toxic whiteness.'” She added that now, finally, “I am being my real self, and that has been such a gift.”

Another satisfied trainee praised the program for teaching her “to hold myself and other white folks accountable.” She added that “oppressors are conditioned to oppress, even if they’re working on understanding their position as a privileged person. The program taught me to use my relative privilege when talking to other white folks because they are more likely to listen to me.”

Another described the program as “an opportunity to share and process in safe space.” A place where you are labeled an “oppressor” and unconscious but willing accomplice of white supremacy is a “safe space”? I knew liberals could be crazy, but this is a whole new level, even for them.


It is important for people to understand the struggles of others, and there is a place for sensitivity training, especially when working with people from different backgrounds. But this isn’t sensitivity training, this is indoctrination. Worse, this is re-education. The people coming out of this program identified themselves as “oppressors” and willing accomplices of white supremacy.

Finally, their evidence for white supremacy is Donald Trump? The man just met with the presidents of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Yes, Trump has said that many illegal immigrants are “bad hombres” and he has issued a stay on refugees from seven countries of terror concern, but these actions do not make him a racist. More concerning was his omission of the Jews from his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, but this has nothing to do with prejudice against people of color.

Liberals have long branded Republicans as racist, but now they’re not only drinking the Kool-Aid but guzzling it by the gallon. To see Everyday Feminism, a site which has over 500,000 likes on its Facebook page and 78,000 followers on its Twitter profile, push this kind of program is just disgusting. But what can I say? Welcome to the Left, circa 2017.




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