What Carrie Fisher's Untimely Death Means for Star Wars

Lucasfilm's Official Panorama Poster for The Force Awakens

2016 claimed yet another beloved celebrity on Tuesday, when “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher — famous for her role as Princess Leia Organa — passed away following a heart attack. Fisher’s untimely death came while the actress was involved in multiple developing projects, including the upcoming unnamed “Star Wars” film, Episode VIII.


Princess Leia is alive and well at the end of The Force Awakens (2015), which happens last in the “Star Wars” cinematic timeline. Episode VIII, slated to release in December 2017, follows the film. Ironically, Leia’s love Han Solo did not make it to the end of that movie — while Harrison Ford is still alive.

Luckily, however, Fisher finished her work for the upcoming film before her death, sources told Variety. Princess Leia indeed has a role in the movie, and Disney and LucasFilm (the producers of the “Star Wars” franchise) will be able to put off addressing her death until Episode IX, which begins filming in 2018. Fisher was originally slated for the film.

Fisher’s completion of “Star Wars” work is lucky compared to the status of her other projects. The actress had a recurring role on the Amazon/Channel 4 comedy series “Catastrophe,” and she was returning from her work on the show in London when she had the fatal heart attack.


The actress was also slated for a role in the film Wonderwell (2017), and the status of Fisher’s work in that film is uncertain. The status of her work on Fox’s Family Guy is also uncertain.

Fisher was 60 years old at her passing, and while she is best known for “Star Wars,” she also had roles in many other films over the years, including The Blues Brothers (1980) and When Harry Met Sally (1989).


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